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I am currently already in my postpartum period. While I’m enjoying my confinement period and having so much fun with my new baby, I thought of taking a little break to write a little blog post on my labour & delivery story.

Do grab yourself a snack or a cuppa and get comfortable as this entry is pretty detailed and long.

Every pregnancy and labour story is different. The best person to ask about your pregnancy or labour inquiries is your own Maternity nurses or O&G doctors. This is just my own personal story.

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Zatasyah Birth Story

My pregnancy journey was pretty blessed with minimal symptoms and problems. Although I had Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), I managed to control my blood sugar well with diet control.

As I entered the final week (39th) of my pregnancy, it went so well that I didn’t have any labour symptoms at all. Due to my GDM, the doctors advised for induction of labour at 40 weeks which was exactly at the due date as there would be more complications if the pregnancy went postdate.

What complications you may ask? They include a big baby (>4kg) that complicates labour, intrauterine death (due to GDM), and higher blood sugar level that may affect mother’s health as well.

The day came and there was still no sign of labour. So my hubs and I went to Klinik Kesihatan Presint 9 for a final check up, the scan showed the baby was at a right size estimated 2.8-3.0kg, and we got a letter for ward admission for induction.

On 16th Feb, I went to Hospital Putrajaya and we were given admission letter for the next day on my EDD, 17th Feb. I was pretty stressed out by this time as I was pressured by my family members asking things such as when was the delivery day, as I informed them that I was getting induced.

However, induction of labour can get complicated and takes sometimes up to 2-3 days so I was pretty annoyed and sad to respond to questions that I didn’t really know the answers to. I knew that this was the first baby in my family and all of them were excited but man… It was pretty tough emotionally for me. Mind you, at that time I wasn’t even admitted yet. I bet women who go postdate undergo the same pressure. (Family or friends asking the same questions over and over again)


However, I was blessed with a supportive husband who already took leave few days earlier, and with his support I was able to control my emotions (barely) and be composed for the actual pain of labour after being induced. Thank you also to my bestie, Siti Dalilah for moral support. My advice is if you are in a similar situation, find someone who can just listen, and to whom you can cry your heart out if you need to. A good cry can release all the unneeded stress as well.

Induction of labour

In the end, I was admitted at around 8pm to Hospital Putrajaya, the O&G doctor did a check up, baby was good and my body did not show any signs of labour: no contraction, the cervix was closed tight. Then in the morning around 5-6am, they started the actual induction of labour. They inserted prostin (medication to start softening the birth canal opening). But even after 6-8 hours, my body still did not react to the medication, so they inserted another one.

At this point, my labour progress was pretty slow. My cervix only opened 1 cm and there was no contraction at all. After about 18 hours I started getting regular lower back pain which then got stronger and more frequent. Although I did not have any contraction pain in my tummy, they still detected regular contraction using the CTG machine. I did not expect that I’d be one who have ‘back labour’ — some women get back pain instead of contraction pain. Although my lower back pain were becoming more intense, my cervix still did not open at the expected rate. Only 2cm at the time.

I called my husband to come to the hospital during the middle of night and he helped me go through the pain by massaging and pounding my back to help cope with the pain. I had a shot of Pethidine already but the lower back pain became more unbearable. Contraction was long and frequent about 1 in 3 minutes. Luckily the medical officer oncall that night was my old colleague, so she helped me by sending me to the labour room and referred the Anaesthesiologist for epidural to help with the back pain.



I was sent to labour room at 3am and my old friend who was the Anaesthesiology medical officer oncall that night helped me by giving me the epidural. At the time it was already nearly 24 hours since I was in labour, I was really dehydrated, hungry, tired and sleepy.

You guys, epidural was a miracle. It really helped with the pain, I still felt regular lower back pain but they were less intense. By that time, it really helped me with recovering my energy as I had huffed and puffed trying to bear the pain for the last 8 hours or so. I would definitely recommend epidural as pain relief in labour if you undergo long labour pain, and if the doctor suggests it to you. #teamepidural!

After 28 hours in labour, the specialist paid a visit as he was also present during rounds. Since I was already in prolonged labour, he told me they were going to give me another 2 hours, and if the progress was still slow and the cervix was still not open (8-10cm) they had to go for C-section to avoid any risk to the baby.  My hubs and I were both exhausted and we would prefer for the best way for delivery by that time. We sneaked in 2-3 glasses of plain water and a few candies (Kopiko) to give me sugar rush and a little bit of energy. I was able to get only about 4 hours of sleep after the epidural, (lucky!) my energy level was replenished a bit. Fuuh!


Here comes the lil miracle

Two hours later, the O&G doctor finally told me that my contractions were strong and regular, and the cervix had opened to 9-10cm. 30 minutes later, I had a strong urge to bear down and after several pushes, finally I heard the sweet little cry of my baby girl after 31 hours of labour.

1st picture of lil Zatasyah
1st picture of lil Zatasyah

My husband was right beside me in the labour cheering and coaching together with the doctors and nurses. I remember one time taking a minute to rest, and I gained my strength back after looking at his eyes and feeling much more support. Thank you so much Zurairi.Cosmephiliac labour & Delivery story_1776

lThank you card my friend who works in labour room posted in Facebook
Thank you card my friend who works in labour room posted in Facebook
Our first family picture
Our first family picture

We have been discussing for a while and decided to name our first born: Zatasyah Zurairi. My dear Zatasyah, mummy loves you so much. May you grow healthy and happy.  I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to create a lil family of ours.

Fuuuhh… that’s a long story. Thank you for reading my labour and delivery story. I will share more beauty, health and lifestyle post in future. Might add occasional mommy/baby topics as well.

Zatasyah at 2 weeks old. My lil cutey
Zatasyah at 2 weeks old. My lil cutey

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