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As you guys might have known, I gave birth to my precious daughter, Zatasyah a month ago. She takes quite a long nap, so I thought I would spend a little time doing my own mummy time and film this “what’s in my hospital bag’ video.

I am sharing all the things that I packed in my hospital bag — my baby bag and my own overnighter that I had brought to the hospital.

My husband also packed his overnighter bag just in case he needed to sleep in too (as well which I did not share in the video). He packed just basic things like one extra shirt, kain pelikat, iPad, fully charged camera, power bank and a few snacks.

I packed my bag at 37 weeks and left our hospital bag in the car boot just in case of emergency. We had also already installed the baby car seat at that time.

I hope this video is helpful for those who are expecting or just curious.

My Labour & Delivery Story

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