Hello April! Shizens is welcoming the quarter half of the year with their Glamouresque Collection II. This collection of Shizens new products and star products bring the right mix of glamour and style into one’s skin care and makeup routine.

There are 4 sets in this Glamouresque Collection II promotion.

Set 1

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II 4

This complete set consists of eye shadow, Lip Tattoo, foundation and lifting essence.


Set 2

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II 1


Set 3

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II 2

**Cosmephilia has done a review and swatches of Shizens’s Star Product: Lip Tattoo. Read the blog post HERE. 

Set 4

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II 3


Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was able to attend a private workshop with Shizens and had a closer look to the Glamouresque Collection and even tried out some of the new products produced by Shizens in 2016. There are 3 main products that I found really interesting to highlight to you guys.

I am sharing few makeup tips shared by lovely Shizens’s beauty advisors to you guys down below as well.


Tip 1: Prep your skin with good moisturiser before applying makeup

Hydra Quench

This intense hydrating essence is formulated to boost moisture level for all skin type especially dehydrated skin with soothing effect up to 24 hours.

Shizen Glamouresque collection 5

Hydra Quench works effectively in 3 ways on skin’s epidermis layer:
•       Replenish moisture
•       Keeping moisture
•       Lock-in moisture

The Sodium Hyaluronate in Hydra Quench is the key ingredient in making it an effective hydrating essence. Dispense 1 – 2 drops on your fingertips and gently pat onto face and massage using circular motions upward until completely absorbed.


Tips 2: Always set your base makeup for a flawless and long lasting makeup

Aqua Pore Perfection

After applying your foundation (Shizen’s Sheer Tint Foundation recommended), set your base makeup with Aqua Pore Perfection. This product is newly launched in 2016 and it serves as an liquid foundation enhancement through a cushion delivery that creates a uniquely weightless and build-able coverage.

This is unlike any BB cushion on the market as Aqua Pore Perfection also contains Vitamin A, E and F may stimulate the immunity for a healthy skin glow, retain the natural moisture of skin and reflect the damages from UVB ray. Aqua Pore Perfection enhance base make-up by bringing more radiance for a brighter skin tone to create your perfect flawless skin.

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II_6789 Shizen Glamouresque Collection II_6790 Shizen Glamouresque Collection II_6791

Universal shade that adjusts to your own natural skin tone. But I think it is a tad light for my skin tone.
Universal shade that adjusts to your own natural skin tone. But I think it is a tad light for my skin tone.


Tips 3: Set your makeup with a hydrating and lifting mist for a long lasting makeup all day long

Ultimate Potent

Not only Ultimate Potent is a hydrating makeup setting mist, it was formulated specifically give a lifting effect to the skin and evens skin tone, promoting a smooth and youthful appearance.

You can spray Ultimate Potent on face after toner and essence, or even better (my preferred usage) after applying makeup for an instant skin lifting effect. Just spray 10cm away from the face. Gently pat or massage (upright direction for better result) until completely absorbed. Perfect lifting in the blink of an eye.

Shizen Glamouresque Collection II_6801

The nozzle dispense a fine mist (not harshly spray) to the skin
The nozzle dispense a fine mist (not harshly spray) to the skin


Do check out Shizens counters for their Glamouresque Collection II at a discounted prices. All sets displayed above are available at Shizens counters & roadshows from 1 – 30 April 2016. * Terms & conditions apply.

More information at Shizens Website and Facebook page.

Fellow bloggers friends at the Shizens Glamouresque Workshop
Fellow bloggers friends at the Shizens Glamouresque Workshop

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