In this digitally-inclined era, most of us spend long hours in front of computers, laptops even smartphone screen. Unfortunately we have not realized that this negative habit leads to strained and dry eyes. This is made worse with environmental irritants like smoke, dust and haze.

After spending so much time doing your makeup and having your eyeliner on fleek, your beautiful eyes is lost behind red, dry eyes. I must admit this has happened to me, myself. Your eyes just lack the sparkle for the perfect selfie.

Rohto, the number-one global eye care brand has just recently launched Rohto Cool Eye Drops. It comes with a unique formula that provides you with an instant cooling sensation which soon fades into a soothing refreshing feeling for the eyes.


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It is pretty cool having that instant cooling kick once you use it. I gave it to my husband to try as well. He is a journalist and he works in front of his laptop 24/7. Besides using a special app that control the back light on the laptop screen, he told me that Rohto Cool Eye Drops really helps with ‘waking his eyes up’ and replenishing hydration to his eyes.

I use contact lenses all the time and inevitably, my eyes get easily dry. My dry eyes feel refreshed whenever I use Rohto Cool Eye Drops and it makes wearing contact lenses a lot more comfortable. Now, my eye makeup looks perfectly on point in selfies.

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The packaging is so cute, oval and ergonomically designed. It is easy to twist the cap open and the sleek, glassy design looks cute whenever I’m using it. The small size makes it easy to bring along in my purse.

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Rohto Cool Eye Drops

Moisturise, refresh and provide immediate cooling relief to dry, strained and tired eyes.

Retails for RM16.90 per bottle

Available in all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.


Rohto new eye drops also launched Rohto Aqua eye drops (pink box) – a more gentle formula, absolutely contact lenses friendly and Rohto Dry Aid (green box) – advanced dry eye relief that restores moisture and 3 layers of tear film to soothe severely dry eyes.

Rohto cool eye drops

If you have frequent dry eyes or are always in front of a screen (computers/laptop/smart phones) and need a cooling kick to wake up those sleepy, irritated eyes, do give Rohto Cool Eye Drops a go. You’ll be surprised on how much your love it.


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