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Life has been so packed for me these days. If you read my recent posts, you would know why. Nothing like an online retail therapy to help ease the stress.

Thank you to Althea Korea and BPM for this special haul. These are fresh all the way from Korea and I’m so excited to share it with your guys.

Althea Korea birthday haul_7366 Althea Korea birthday haul_7369

Etude House Angry Bird Eye Makeup Set

Since my last first impression peel off makeup – Berrisom lip tint, I have been looking to grab my hands on Etude House brow tint. When I saw this, I was so excited! Especially when it comes in a limited edition angry bird themed box.

You can buy the eyebrow tint on its own but it is more value-for-money if you can buy the special edition eye makeup set as well.

Althea Korea birthday haul_7371

This Angry Bird limited edition set includes:

  • Brow Gel Tint in shade 01 Brown
  • Drawing Eyebrow Duo Pencil in 01 Dark Brown
  • 2 Etude House single eyeshadow pots
  • limited edition Angry Bird compact mirror

***All in a cute yellow Angry Bird packaging

The two eyeshadows are in shade BR416 Muscle Brown and shade BR 405 Cafe Latte Lots of Milk. Both are very wearable neutral shade. Muscle Brown is a shimmery bronze and Cafe Latte Lots of Milk is a matte warm orangey cream. You can wear only one shade all over the lids just like how the Korean girl like it or use both together to create a cute neutral eye makeup.

I am very excited to do another first impression review on the Brow Gel Tint. Do wait for it in my Youtube channel okay.


It’s My Cushion Case Set (Limited edition- Cherry Blossom)

Being a working mom (just starting back to work about a month) I realised I do not have time for daily makeup any more and more time needed to handle the baby (feed her, diaper changing and prep her milk for daycare). I found I’m reaching BB cushion a lot as it is a quick and easy one step base makeup. However most BB Cushion has a light to medium coverage.  My highly blemished skin need more coverage especially covering those acne scars and dark eye circles.


Thankfully Althea Korea have It’s My Cushion case set in their website. Your can buy this empty cushion case with its accesories included inside case, sponge and air puff. All you need to make your own BB cushion.

There are a few ‘recipes’ for BB cushion I found on Pinterest. I’ll definitely will make it my own high coverage BB cushion that custom to my skin type. Can’t wait to share my own D.I.Y BB cushion tutorial soon.

BTW, how cute it the cherry blossom design. It’s My Cushion case has other designs like a sleek white or back ‘It’s My Cushion’ wording on top or a fun doodle design as well.

Althea Korea birthday haul_7388

It’s My Puff (extra bits)

It’s My Cushion Puff

I’m currently using Maybelline Super BB Cushion which its puff I’m not liking so much. I bought an extra air puff (only RM3!) to replace Maybelline’s puff.

It’s My Magic Sponge

Since it is super cheap (RM8 only!), I thought I would try on the sponge as well. I like using my beauty blender but let’s see if a cheaper sponge will work as well. I love using wet sponge to blend in the concealer under the eyes.

Chica-Y-Chico Matt Cushion (shade #23)

Althea Korea birthday haul_7401

Ok, I’ll admit I’m pretty obsessed with BB Cushion nowadays. This BB Cushion is Editor’s pick in the Althea Korea website. It also received many good review from users. BB Cushion usually have dewy finish, I’m intrigued to try on a matt finish BB Cushion especially on how it withstand the hot and humid Malaysian weather.

Also I would like to have a back up BB Cushion in my work bag. Just in case i have to apply makeup on-the-go. #workingmommyproblems


Skinfood Eyebrow Powder Cake (shade Gray Brown)

Althea Korea birthday haul_7399

I have been using In2it eyebrow powder for the longest time, it started to dries out. (not too sure how can a powder dries out) But the texture has hardened and I am unable to pick up pigments making my filling my eyebrow routine took longer time.

Althea Korea birthday haul_7394

I never tried Skinfood eyebrow products before so it will be interesting to see the performance. I’m hoping the shade that I chose match. Not too dark and i usually prefer a brown/lighter coloured brows.


And that’s the end of my Korea beauty haul from Althea Korea.

Oh! It is Althea Korea’s 1st birthday as well. Happy Birthday Althea Korea!

(that means there are special celebratory promotions as well, read my recent post on the deeds)

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**Do watch my previous Althea Korea Haul HERE. Skip to minutes 5.20 to the Althea Korea haul


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