It has been few weeks since I last blogged, I do miss it. June was the month I started to go back to work in the hospital and being a full-time working mum is tough. Everything seemed to take twice as long i.e getting ready to work etc. My milk supply was depleting especially since it was fasting month and I was pretty dehydrated. Clinic was super busy, I didn’t even have time to pump. :-‘( Then came Raya and life became so busy and exhausting for me.

I just have to tell myself ‘Do the best thing for your family regardless of what everybody else is saying’. Enough ranting already.

So thank you readers for still sticking to this blog now & then. Cosmephilia is my ‘baby’ too. I’ll try my best to keep updating it.

This time I’m sharing a few Japanese makeup products from Kiss Me x Heroine Make x Bifesta workshop that I attended in April (I think). I have a special heart for Japanese makeup and I was so happy to be able to attend it. Below I’m sharing a few makeup products that are worth checking out.


Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence Sunscreen

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _4084

This is number 1 best-selling product in Japan. I mean sunscreen in general. Japanese girls are obsessed with it. I remember how cheap and widely available sunscreens are in the drug store when I travelled to Tokyo. I even bought some in my Tokyo haul.

Before you put any makeup, sunscreen is a must. I particularly like this one as it is not sticky, smells nice and absorbs well in to the skin. I much prefer Japanese sunscreen over old-skool Western sunscreen. This does not give any white cast on your face as well.


Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _5616 kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _5810

This mineral based compact powder is finely milled, it glides smoothly on your skin. Interestingly I’ve tried the translucent shade and I’m loving how well it covers my pores and controls the oils on my face.

I can’t recall if there’s Japanese face powder in translucent shade elsewhere, hence why I like this one a lot.


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brows makeup

Powder Eyebrow Pencil, Powder Eyebrow & Nose shadow and Coloring Eyebrow.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3847

I’m loving a good pair of thick brows with brown natural shade, not too strong colour. I have been using Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose shadow at home, I love how pigmented it is. The Powder eyebrow pencil has a triangular shaped tip, so drawing on tiny eyebrow hairs is so easy. It has a spoolie on the other end to brush and blend the colour.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _5805

I am so excited to try on Coloring Eyebrow mascara as I have been wearing brow mascara everyday to lighten the colour of my brow and to set them so it stay tamed whole day. Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow has a waxy texture that is great to make your eyebrows hair stay put. The size of its brush is just nice to quickly fill in and groom the brow hairs. There are three shades available. I like the shade Natural Brown.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _2579 kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3337


Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eyecolor (RM49.90)

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3715 (1)

The Jewelry Eyecolor quad palette comes in four palettes. All come with its own eyeshadow waxy base over the upper left side. The main base colour is the one on upper right side and contour shade on lower right side. The eyeliner colour is on the lower left side. You can definitely mix and match the eyeshadow and be creative in creating your eye look.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _5602

I must say these eyeshadow quads are pretty neutral and great for daily makeup or if you wants to amp your look to a soft smokey neutral look. The eyeshadows has a soft pwodery texture that has good pigmentation. You have to be careful with really shimmery shades tough as the glitters make it fall out easily. All shadows blends together easily.

01 Yellow Sapphire

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _4524

02 Beige Gold (my fav!)

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _1307

03 Pink Amethyst

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _6202

04 Rose Garnet

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _8192

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Face Color Palette (RM39.90)

The trend of contouring/highlighting the face has hit Japan. However it is much subtler and natural looking. These Face Color Palettes are new 3-in-1 palettes.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _8059

There are two shades – 01 Dolly Color (pink) and 02 Fresh color (orange). The blush has satin finish and pretty light shade. I think it would show up on tanned/darker skin. Both would definitely look beautiful on fair skin tone.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3343
01 Dolly Color


02 Fresh Color
02 Fresh Color

The contour shade is matte light brown that is not orangey at all. Both shade is pretty light even though not suitable for tanned/darker skin tone.

The highlight shades are soft shimmers that looks beautiful on the skin. No harsh glitter specks. However the pigmentation is light so if you like heavy highlighting you need to apply a few layers.

As I do have medium tanned skin, I would not personally purchase the Face Color Palette due to its cool-toned shades. I think this was specially created for fair-skinnedgirls who are starting out to play with contour/highlighting.


Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _9212

I love mascara especially Japanese mascaras. They make great quality, highly pigmented mascaras. Heroine Make has two new mascaras – Long and Curl mascara & Volume and Curl mascara. (They really emphasising on the lift and curled doll-like eyelashes). Both in highly pigmented black colour.

Up: long & curl Bottom: volume & curl
Up: long & curl
Bottom: volume & curl

Long and Curl has a straight when thicker bristles brush where as Volume and Curl mascara has a curvy shaped brush and more fibers to create a thicker, glamorous lashes.


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eye Designer Eyeshadow Liner (RM39.90)

This is an innovative product that combines both cream eyeshadow and eye pencil in one. This is a thicker eye pencil that has a slanted tip. You can apply the product as an all-over eyeshadow or use the edge of the tip to line the eyelid. The shade is a neutral soft shimmery colour and as an eyeliner it creates a subtle bright natural-looking eyes. I really like the soft shimmer and it is not too overpowering if I use it all over the lid.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _3228 kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _1741

I really like how fast and easy it is to use this Eyeshadow Liner. Great on-the-go makeup product. There are two shade available. The shade I picked up was my signature shade 01 Hazel brown. The other colour 02 Shiny Gold is perfect for brightening effect.

kiss me heroine make japanese makeup _6918



Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Water-based makeup remover)

With all the makeup wearing the whole day, make sure you grab these super effective, wipe-off water-based makeup removers from Bifesta. I love these so much as they remove makeup effectivelym not leaving skin irritated and dry afterwards.

kiss me hearoine make japanese makeup_9142

There are five variants targeted to different skin types  – Sebum (oily skin), Brightup (combination skin), Enrich (dry skin), Moist (normal & dry skin) and Acne Care (acne prone skin).

The Bifesta cleansing lotion also comes in a convenient travel-friendly water-based cleansing wipes too. The Bifesta cleansing sheets comes in two variants – Brightup (oily & combination skin) and Moist (normal & Dry skin). There is also Bifesta eye makeup remover that is a combo oil + water based to remove stubborn waterproof eye and lips makeup.


I am a big fan for Japanese makeup products and Kiss Me products never fail. Do let me know in the comment section below which Kiss Me products would you purchase or want to try on.

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