I think most drug store brands are now coming up with their own version of cleansing water. Gone are the days where biphasic product, which contains both oil based and water based cleansing solution for your makeup removal.

I must say I like micellar cleansing water as it is quick and easy. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is not much different from other others except it is way cheaper.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a non-rinse formula cleanser that purifies & removes make-up in one gesture. Just put few drops on your makeup squares and swipe onto the skin gently to remove makeup effectively. I would use this to replace cleansing wipes as it is a water-based cleanser (instead of alcohol) and it’s more gentle on skin.

Micellar Water is able to remove make up, dust, dirt from the skin. Enriched with Micelles molecules, it captures and lifts away residue from face, eyes, & lips like a magnet, dissolves the bond between cosmetic pigments and your skin so you can wipe it off easily. There is no need to rub!

Because it is ‘water’, it hydrates the skin well too. After a few swipes, your skin will be cleared of impurities and appears glowy and well hydrated.   With proper cleansing, you can improve skin conditions and prevent breakouts





3 ways to use Garnier Micellar Water in your skin care

  1. Final cleansing step. This is a one-step cleansing solution to remove makeup and no need to rinse after using it. It is so easy. Micellar Water also doubles up as a toner and all you need is to moisturize after cleaning your face with it.
  2. Washing your face in the middle of the day (at the gum, after sports, etc). It is much gentler on your face and will not strip your face of excess lipids
  3. Micellar water is perfect to bring during travel. Do bring this along when you can’t gain access to clean water such as long-haul flight and camping trips.


Are you are big fan of micellar cleansing water too? What’s your favourite brand? Do leave you comments below.

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