First of all, I would like to say Hi!!! and secondly, I’m sorry for missing for the whole month. I have been super busy past 2-3 months, have not got any time to update my blog or tending to my own self. I am even pretty quiet on social media as well (unless you follow me on Instagram, there I am still pretty active). I was pretty much MIA and it felt rejuvenating to me to be able to take one step a time to reevaluate and refocus my energy and time.

Of course my little Zatasyah is bigger now. She has just turned 9 months and pretty a handful to take care of. (Started waling already *gasp*) I don’t have any maid/nanny to take care of the baby so it’s just me and hubs to care for baby. With full time job (taking care of cancer patients) + being a mom it started to get a little too much for me, I do hope you guys (Cosmephilia readers) understand. Here’s to more beauty/health content here in Cosmephilia and you guys please do stick around.

Today however, I am pretty excited to share a brand that can be used for both adult and children (even babies) due to the fact it uses natural, plant based ingredients. The brand is Jerlynn’L.


Jerlynn’L believes in sustaining good skin health, it starts with good skin habits using safe and efficacious ingredients.


Jerlynn’L brand is based on three goals of skin care.
  • Prevent (for protective)
  • Nurture (for maintenance)
  • Renew (for repairing)

Their concept is nature based using botanicals and natural ingredients safe enough for both the environment as well as our children. By ensuring strict control of materials – from source to production – Jerlynn’L has formulated skin care that not only restores skin health but to protect even before skin problems arise.

Plants and herbs as main ingredients
Plants and herbs as main ingredients

Jerlynn’L uses Plants & Herbs Extract, as their main ingredients namely the highest grade of essential oil. These provide calmness physically as there is no harsh chemical affecting the skin, and also calmness to the mind through its all natural fragrance. Children (for 3 to 18 years old) and babies can use Jerlynn’L products without any potential harm.

What interests me the most is that Jerlynn’L have even fruit and vegetables extract to promote long-term moisturisation and help to protect skin from harmful external influences. If your children dislike veges/fruits, no fret, they can still benefit from the goodness of fruit and veges extracts in Jerlynn’L body and hair products.

Jerlynn’L signature body and hair care

Their basic range of products includes Hair Wash, Hair Conditioner & Detangler, Bug No More, Daily Moisture Lotion and Body Wash. Jerlynn’L also carries products to protect the skin from the sun and for our babies little bottom as well.

Jerlynn’L Signature Collection aims to protect you from top to toe. The set consists of 2 body wash, 2 hair wash, 1 body lotion, 1 hair conditioner and special care product. Jerlynn’L Signature Collection is easily distinguished by the yellow bottle with colour labels.This is easy for children to use the product as well as they usually would be attracted to the fun, bright yellow colour bottle. All you have to do is to teach them that Blue is for body use; Green is for hair use and Red is for red alert i.e need to ask adult (Mom or Dad) guidance before using it.


I have taledk about Jerlynn’L previously during their Earth’s Day celebration back in April. So I have tried Jerlynn’L products before. Their body wash and hair wash are not harsh at all, smells so soft and calming, non-irritating to skin. My skin and hair often feels cleansed and fresh yet moisturised after using.


Bug No More

With the uprising of mosquito-spread diseases like Dengue and Zika, I’m happy that Jerlynn’L has come up with their Bug No More, a natural bug repellant spray. It contains natural extract from Citronella, Spearmint, Basil, Lavender and Rosemary to help preventing bug or insect bites. I already use this with my little baby, Zatasyah and she really like it. She is definitely not annoyed with other insect repellant that is usually strong smelling, with thick and sticky texture.

Bug No More comes with natural lemongrass fragrance and non-sticky to skin with effect that lasts for 3 hours. Since it is preservative free, Bug No More can be used on babies without worries. At the same time, Bug No More contains Allantoin which acts as anti-irritant agents, at the same time to smoothens the skin and promotes wound healing.


Do check out Jerlynn’L website and facebook page for more informations on Jerlynn’l products


How to make your own DIY body scrub. 1. add sugar into bowl 2. add in orange zest 3. add 3 table spoons of olive oil 4. mix everything together (add more olive oil to make scrub less harsh) 5. Keep in a plastic cup 6. Good to be use as Body scrub for 3 days, keep refrigerated
How to make your own DIY body scrub.
1. add sugar into bowl
2. add in orange zest
3. add 3 table spoons of olive oil
4. mix everything together (add more olive oil to make scrub less harsh)
5. Keep in a plastic cup
6. Good to be use as Body scrub for 3 days, keep refrigerated


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