When life becomes too much to handle, we often feel overwhelmed and forgot to stop and take it easy. I myself have gone through the same cycle of living the basic life tasks and forgot to pause and take it easy. This cycle can be hard to break but if you take just a little time to de-stress then you’ll enjoy living this life a little more.

One way that I often feel really helps is to have that 15 minutes just for you (I really mean you). You can do anything for the 15 minutes of yours – Read a book, Watch YouTube or do grooming. For me pampering myself at the end of day is the icing of the cake (day). I love taking my time: removing my makeup, brushing my hair, taking a hot shower, applying body lotion as I prepare to go to bed. It is my destressing routine and this short 15 minutes are precious. What more if I am using a sense-invoking products to moisturise my skin – It does feels like I am having my spa-at-home moment. And I like it!



It makes perfect sense when I indulge myself by taking care of the skin and applying Nivea Skin Delight Body Milk. This lotion not only moisturises the skin but I am giving myself an aromatherapy session during the application and for moments longer,.

After all having a soft, smooth and delicate skin while having a delightful body pampering experience that will uplift the mood, right in the comfort of my personal space is definitely a bonus.

NIVEA’s latest innovation NIVEA Skin Delight Body Milk offers the benefits of both body oil and milk in one product.



Body oil often provides nourishment to dry skin making them more supple and glowing. Combining body oil with milk, there is no more sticky/slippery feeling on the skin as it functions by providing suppleness and glow to the surface of your skin from within. The skin will be able to enjoy and indulge in the goodness and the nutrients of the oil without any stickiness, as now NIVEA Skin Delight contains the superior care of oil in the convenience of a body milk.

Milk has been known for centuries for its nourishing and skin-brightening benefits. Reason being the lactic acid inside the milk dissolves the proteins which hold together dead skin cells, hence unveiling fresh new layer of dermis featuring soft and smooth texture, this delightful body milk glides smoothly on the skin, hence nourishing the skin so it glows with radiance.


Two distinctive scents:

  • Glowing Rose that will leave your skin with delicate feminine aroma
  • Relaxing Lavender to calm your senses

To help you unwind after a full day of hard work, the body milk is lavished with two delicate scents derived from the rose and lavender. I like both scents as they are feminine and not overbearing. I think Lavender is definitely perfect to use in night-shower-before-bed ritual.

It is the right of every woman to be treated like a queen, NIVEA Skin Delight has made it easy for women to relish in the pleasures of nourishing treat for their body as well as a calmed mind.


NIVEA Skin Delight is available in two sizes at your nearest pharmacies – Watson’s, Guardian and Caring pharmacies.

Introductory price of RM11.90 (NP: RM16.50) for 250ml and RM17.50 (NP: RM21.90) for 400ml.


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