For someone who is having constant problem with adult acne and oily skin, having problem with lots of whiteheads and blackheads and enlarged pores are rather synonymous. My skin is super oily, hence most of my pores are big as they are a large sebum-making factories. Due to makeup, skincare products and dirt, my pores can get clogged up hence the formation of white heads and blackheads.

I like to apply mud mask to ensure my pores clean and tidy. But the application can be somewhat messy. When I heard about a mud mask that can clean up pores and a peel-off type, I am rather intrigued.

Furthermore, people at Buzzfeed had a try on the mask as well, I am pretty excited (& somewhat ?terrified) to try on Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean up Mask. Thanks to Althea Korea for sending me these to try on.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask


First of all, let me clarify that there is NO Porcine ingredients in the mask, it is just that Korean people like to put a cute little piggy cartoon on the packaging. NO PORK/PORCINE ingredient in the mask OKAY?! (btw, there is no HALAL stamp on the product as the brand did not send the product for halal certification. As most of intelligent people would know, no halal stamp does not mean it is not halal)

The main ingredients in the mask are 4% Charcoal to help with sebum control, Chinese Pea Shrub help with soothing and caring for the skin and Camellia Flower, which would improve and care of the pores. Pretty much ingredients targeted towards clean up pores and pore care.

According to the brand, this mask will help to clean up pore (as per title), remove dead skin cells, shrink enlarged pores and reduce pore waste and control sebum production. Ultimately all the pores are clean, smaller and the skin is less oily i.e everything that I wanted for my skin.

Here is a video of demonstration. Watching this is at your own discretion. Hahaha….

But seriously, if you want to know how painful the mask is (to myself or to the pores), do watch the video.



My Review

Overall I kind-of like the refreshing feeling when you first apply the mask. It has a somewhat strong scent but I can bear with it. I would recommend to apply a thick layer so the mask has a good grip on the dirt and pores as it dries.

For me it took about 20-30 minutes to dry off. I couldn’t get to peel off the whole mask in one go. Hence I recommend to pull it one area at a time. I would say during application, to be careful not to apply on the hair especially the side burns. As it will be painful to rip off some of the hairs.

Afterwards, my skin felt a little taut but it is smooth and refreshed looking. I feel that the mask is able to give my skin a good exfoliation and  it felt squeaky clean.

It really works!

Anyway, if you are looking for a good pore cleaning products, this is a great mud-peel-off mask. you can apply it to a targeted area only like nose or cheek (as demonstrated by my hubby in the video) or do a whole face treatment like I did.

You can buy Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask from Althea Korea website or using their app for discounted price of RM38 (NP RM76).


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