Our next Blog Detox topic is My Fave Sheet Mask. This is a collab challenge with Butterfly Project Malaysia to bring back the best about blogging. I talked about my fave cleanser last month. This is my fave topic as I do have a few sheet masks favourite. It is kinda my weekly routine. However my current fave sheet mask are the Bye Bye Eye Mask series by Guardian.

So far I’m enjoying these three:

  • Bye Bye Stressful Eyes – Melon Revitalising Eye Mask
  • Bye Bye Dull Eyes- Aloe Vera Smoothing Eye Mask
  • Bye Bye Puffy Eyes- Elder Flower Firming Eye Mask

Why I love these masks

  1. Cheap
  2. Easy to use
  3. Moisturising
  4. Soothing
  5. Reduce dark circle

The reason I love this eye patch sheet mask because it is so easy to apply, works effectively giving my under eyes a little pampering and boost and it is so affordable.

I bought them in Guardian often these masks are on sale so I got a great deal.

I love how I could give myself a 10-15 minutes for special spa-like treatment especially before sleep. Apply under eyes sheet mask also makes my complexion feels brighter and well moisturised as my eyes look more awake.

How to use

  1. Clean face
  2. Apply the sheet mask snugly under the eyes area
  3. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes
  4. Brighter, well moisturised under eyes


What’s your favourite sheet mask? Do share down in the comment section below.


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    • I read some tricks for the mask.. they said that we shouldn’t sleep with the mask – it would make our skin drier, it reduces our skin’s moisture.. but if you use peeling off mask, then it’s ok to do tht

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