I am an oily skin gal and mostly I would gravitate away from hydrating product. However my body is dry as a desert just like everybody else, due to the fact I may not drink enough water, and using hot shower every single day.

Hydration is the key element on keeping your skin soft and supple. Especially on your body parts that require more attention like elbows, knee, ankles, hand and feet.

LINOLA, brand developed in Germany has now arrived in Malaysia to help those poor souls with dry, cracked and scaly skin.

If you have dry skin, you will understand that this skin condition is uncomfortable af as it is scaly, itchy and cracking. Hence leading to low self confidence affecting your self worth.

Wherever your skin lacks linoleic acid, it reacts with a loss of moisture which persists until treated. Your body cannot help out with this because it does not produce this important active ingredient. This is why Linola products contain linoleic acid to promote skin regeneration and help your skin eliminate the cause of this moisture loss.


LINOLA Lotion RM79 (200ml)

This lotion contains mainly linoleic acid rich vegetable oil and is free from harmful mineral oils and silicones. Hence it is suitable for dry to very dry skin. Everyone wants fast, long-lasting relief from the burning, itching, tightness or inflammation. Linola lotion absorbs well into the skin thanks to its 35% lipid content and works almost immediately.

This hospital grade lotion is also suitable for other skin condition like atopic dermatitis. If your have eczema, this lotion is a must have as it works to reduce the exacerbation of the eczema patches.

The water-in-oil formula appears thick initially but it absorbs well into the skin.



Linola Shower and Wash RM69 (300ml)

This special body wash also contains essential linoleic acids, free from mineral oils and paraben. Its formula is a clear microemulsion gel that is gentle on the skin. The mild cleanser is suitable for daily use on the face and body, does not burn the eyes and is skin-friendly with pH of 5.5.

The unique ingredient works amazingly on skin with special needs that is dry or susceptible to dermatitis. Just hop into the shower, apply and let it do the magic for 90 seconds before rinse off with water. One thing to note that this product is a gentle cleanser hence it does not lather as foaming ingredients usually aggravate sensitive skin.

Combination of using the Linola Shower & Wash and Lotion is sustained high level of hydration to the skin up to 24 hours.



Linola Hand RM35 (75ml)

This hand lotion is specifically developed to meet the special daily skin care requirements of tired hands. Linola Hand does contains Linoleic acids as well to aid natural skin regeneration. Glycerin and Lipids reduces skin tension, increase skin moisture levels keep your cuticle and hand soft and supple.

What I think about Linola as it is quickly absorbed and contains no urea which is an ingredient that may aggravate skin irriations. This is one of the best hand lotion for dermatitis sufferers.

Linola Hand has lightweight consistency and much more watery than Linola Lotion. A thin layer is already sufficient to cover both hands.

You could alternatively opt for Linola Lotion and used it overnight as part of an intensive treatment for soft, silky hands.


My thoughts

Linola products are really effective is treating and soothing dry, flaky and scaly skin. This medical skin care range covers from head to toe which pretty amazing. I would recommend Linola for all very dry skin sufferers out there especially those with eczema or atopic dermatitis.

If you are new to Linola, I suggest trying out Linola Lotion first and it is pretty versatile.


Linola products are now available at Caring pharmacies nationwide with price range from RM35 to RM79.

For more informations on Linola Products visit their website : www.linola.de


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