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Monthly Favourites: August 2016

Gosh… The time just flew by. Sorry that I have been super busy lately. Before we move on to my August favourites, let me update on what has been happening to my life. The biggest reason for my lack of blog update is I have just moved to my own apartment. YAY!

We are so happy to finally settle in our own crib. We bought the property back in 2012 and have been waiting anxiously. I am now living in Putrajaya nearer to my workplace (YAY for not paying toll).

You guys definitely would understand the hassle of packing things (I have gathered lots of ‘harta’ for the last few years) and actually moving and unpacking. I have actually wanted since end of May. I used to live at my mother’s and in-law’s places (we sorta become nomad) travelling from both places back & forth. But then, Ramadhan arrived and then Raya month in July and we finally decided to move early August.

So obviously my beloved makeup collection and lots of things are in boxes. We didn’t have any internet connection, hence lack of blog posts from Cosmephilia. Today is the day we finally got our unlimited internet connection (YAY!), I finally have the time and resources to sit down and update my blog.

I have been wanting to do monthly favourites for the last 3-4 months. Due to the move, I ended up using the basic products in my travel makeup bag which I carries in my hand bag. So, this monthly (or should I say ‘few-monthly’) beauty favourites are from my daily makeup bag.


Monthly Favourites: March 2016

Hello lovelies…

I skipped February favourites because I just gave birth and was pretty occupied with taking care of my baby girl. In addition, I was still adjusting to a new daily routine and lifestyle. But I am pretty excited to share my March beauty favourites featuring my picks for low maintenance daily base makeup.

Keen to find out? Watch the video


Monthly Favourites: January 2016

The first month of the year has ended and I am excited to share with you guys what I have been loving in January 2016.

At first I thought I would change my skincare/makeup routine game for the new year but I ended up using a similar products from December. One of the big reasons is that I love using all the products that works well during my pregnancy and I sorta just continue using my favourites throughout January.

Having said that, here are beauty products that I have enjoyed using for the past month.


Best of 2015: Makeup Favourites

Welcome 2016!

I’m starting the year with my best of 2015.
I’m sharing my favourites makeup products for 2015. I have been enjoying reading what other beauty enthusiasts have been loving in the past year. I’m looking forward to discover 2016 beauty trends and discovering new (or old) beauty favourites for the coming year.

This year I’m sharing my best of 2015 beauty products in my Youtube channel.

I hope you guys like it.