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Dry and Sensitive skin rejoice! LINOLA has arrived in Malaysia

I am an oily skin gal and mostly I would gravitate away from hydrating product. However my body is dry as a desert just like everybody else, due to the fact I may not drink enough water, and using hot shower every single day.

Hydration is the key element on keeping your skin soft and supple. Especially on your body parts that require more attention like elbows, knee, ankles, hand and feet.

LINOLA, brand developed in Germany has now arrived in Malaysia to help those poor souls with dry, cracked and scaly skin.


Review: Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede Liquid Lipsticks

With all the matte liquid lipsticks on trend, I am pretty sure having a cheaper alternative is the best way to go. Lucky for us, local brand are coming out with their cheaper version and yet no compromise on the quality and wear of the liquid lipsticks. I have discussed regarding Breena Beauty Velvet Creme before. Introducing another proudly local: Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede liquid lipsticks.


Raya/Eid Makeup ft 1028 Visual Therapy

1028 Visual Therapy is a new Taiwanese makeup brand is new in Malaysia, coming soon to Watsons. This brand would be the best companion to create the visual impression of yourself out in the public.

Thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia (BPM) for given this opportunity to get to know 1028 Visual Therapy. BPM is an amazing beauty blogger community that helps enthusiastic bloggers connect with brands and events.

I have made a YouTube video tutorial on my 2017 Raya/Eid Makeup using 1028 Visual therapy products.