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Raya/Eid Makeup ft 1028 Visual Therapy

1028 Visual Therapy is a new Taiwanese makeup brand is new in Malaysia, coming soon to Watsons. This brand would be the best companion to create the visual impression of yourself out in the public.

Thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia (BPM) for given this opportunity to get to know 1028 Visual Therapy. BPM is an amazing beauty blogger community that helps enthusiastic bloggers connect with brands and events.

I have made a YouTube video tutorial on my 2017 Raya/Eid Makeup using 1028 Visual therapy products.


Althea x W. Lab Limited Edition Box: Last All Day Set

I have super oily skin and because of that I have enlarged pores and get easily acne-prone. Like many fellow oily skin girls out there, our Malaysia hot and humid weather is not probably the best for our skin type. I can only migrate away to cooler climate country or find the best skin/makeup products for oily skin.

Hence, I am so thankful to Althea for wanting to collab. Introducing The Last all Day Set Althea x W. lab box: a personalised set of makeup products suitable for oily skin and that can withstand hot & humid weather.



Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean up Mask

For someone who is having constant problem with adult acne and oily skin, having problem with lots of whiteheads and blackheads and enlarged pores are rather synonymous. My skin is super oily, hence most of my pores are big as they are a large sebum-making factories. Due to makeup, skincare products and dirt, my pores can get clogged up hence the formation of white heads and blackheads.

I like to apply mud mask to ensure my pores clean and tidy. But the application can be somewhat messy. When I heard about a mud mask that can clean up pores and a peel-off type, I am rather intrigued.

Furthermore, people at Buzzfeed had a try on the mask as well, I am pretty excited (& somewhat ?terrified) to try on Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean up Mask. Thanks to Althea Korea for sending me these to try on.


My Baby Wishlist from Lazada MY & Cashback how-to with ShopBack

Hi guys,

I survived confinement and in celebration of ending my 40 days confinement period, I am now planning for my baby Zatasyah’s Aqiqah and Majlis Berendoi. I have been doing lots of online ‘window shopping’. I just can’t help it as I spend A LOT of time scrolling through online shops while breast feeding or taking care of the baby.

Through my friend, Rika Jue, I learned that you can earn cashback when you shop online with ShopBack. As fellow online shopping addicts, you must know that any cashback or discounts is the best thing ever!


What’s in My Hospital Bag

Hi lovelies,

As you guys might have known, I gave birth to my precious daughter, Zatasyah a month ago. She takes quite a long nap, so I thought I would spend a little time doing my own mummy time and film this “what’s in my hospital bag’ video.

I am sharing all the things that I packed in my hospital bag — my baby bag and my own overnighter that I had brought to the hospital.


My (postpartum) Morning and Night Skincare Routine with Kosé Sekkisei

I recently gave birth to my precious firstborn baby Zatasyah Zurairi on 19th Feb 2016 at Hospital Putrajaya. Let me say confinement week was pretty interesting, especially getting used to the whole new mommy routine as well. Sleep is a luxury and because of interrupted sleep, my skin has become dull.

I have a new morning skincare routine after giving birth and have been using Kosé Sekkisei famed brightening and hydrating lotion. This keeps my skin moisturised, brighter with even skin tone.

Keep on reading for my step-by-step morning and night skincare routine and review on Kosé Sekkisei lotion down below.