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Tips on keeping healthy + hydrated skin: DocLab Face Ampoules review

Hello lovelies,

I have mentioned before that since I was pregnant, I noticed that my skin had been a little more dry and it felt weird as I have always had super oily skin.

This combination of drying patches on the skin did not really help as my skin would produce more sebum to hydrate the skin and I would wake up with a super oily skin and the tight feeling of dry skin during the day.

However, I have a few tips that I personally experience that has helped my skin feeling healthy and well hydrated from inside out.


My Pore Cleansing Routine: Blackheads be gone!

If you have been following me in this blog, you would know I have super oily skin that is acne prone. I started having lost of blemishes in my early twenties (not teens) and have been suffering from it till now. It is unfortunately for me to get ‘Adult Acne’ but for the 2-3 years I have learned to live with it, accepting my skin condition and give a little more care in that department.

For those with acne prone skin, large pores and oily skin are the one combo that is the main reason for the skin to develop breakouts more easily. I have found an amazing regime, products from B-Liv that can target both issues: large pores and oily skin.


How to fix broken (powder) makeup

I recently did a Sephora haul. As most of beauty girls would know Sephora is having lots of limited edition/Christmas theme products. I was so happy with my purchase and I can even use my 10% discount voucher too which make it even sweeeet. I will share my haul with you guys soon.

In the excitement after I reached home, I decided to play around with my new makeup babies. While I was admiring each goodies, I accidentally dropped the new Tarte 12H Amazonian Clay Blusher onto the floor and it shatters pretty badly.

My heart was broken (just like the little blusher) but I am glad to be able to fix the blusher up.

Here are my step by step tutorial on how to fix broken (powder) makeup.


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