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My Skin Confidence Story with Cetaphil

Hello lovelies…

I have been working on this project for the last 2 weeks. Previously I have shared about The Cetaphil Experience contest.  The contest already ended but I have been selected to be in the running for the Grand Prize: a 3D2N Trip to luxurious spa hotel The Farm, San Benito in Philippines. For the final run, we are required to send in a video talking on why Cetaphil should pick us as the winner.


Tutorial: Makeup for Glasses Wearer (Drugstore products)

Hello dearies…

I have recently done a video collaboration with Fayre Network. It is a new platform for Malaysian Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. For our first collaboration, we are doing makeup tutorial using ONLY drugstore products for different looks. I, myself is doing makeup tutorial for glasses wearer “The Tech Nerd”. I have included other tutorials from my friend from Fayre Network below. So any girls out there can rock any makeup look using affordable drugstore products. Do check them out below.


#MysteryMascara revealed: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

Hello lovelies,

A few weeks ago, I received a Mystery Mascara for review. The result was amazing. The mascara wand lifts and curls my tiny lashes while lengthening and volumising them.

On last Valentine’s Day, it was revealed that the #MysteryMascara is Benefit Cosmetics new mascara Roller Lash. I attended the launch party at Benefit Cosmetics store at Starhill. As usual, Benefit Cosmetic organised an exciting girly-fun party.


Review: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance skin care range

Minnasan konnichiwa!!! (Hello everybody!!!)

私は再び日本話しているWatashi wa futatabi Nihon-banashi shite iru (I am speaking Japanese again)
Why? This is because I have been trying a new skin care products from Garnier and I have been loving it.

As the saying goes “In the Pink of health”. Healthy pink skin reflects a healthy skin and body health. Garnier Sakura White range promises a revitalised skin that blossom from within up to 60% pinkish radiance in 4 weeks time.
The potent ingredient of this range is from natural sakura extract which is a rare flower in Japan that blooms only once a year.  The secret to pinkish radiant skin that is full of life is now immortalised into a skincare line which is affordable by Garnier.


Get Ready With Me: My 2015 NYE Makeup

Hi lovelies,

I had a pretty packed week over Christmas week (went to Saigon, Vietnam with the family), then back to work, then had a little staycation in Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur celebrating new year/hubby’s 30th birthday/hubby’s work promotion, then back to work again. I actually filmed my getting ready with me video for my New Year Eve celebration. Have not had a chance to share with you guys earlier.

This is a Soft Glam makeup look using few products that I got from my Butterfly Project Beauty Box. This features a soft, shimmery eyes with flirty lashes, bronzy cheeks and soft, shiny lips. This is a perfect glam makeup for New Year Eve celebration, a weekend night out or even CNY (which is coming soon >_<).

So, here it is. Hope you like it.  (more…)