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Hye guys!

I have been wearing contact lenses for the longest time. I think it started 10 years ago when I was in college (oh mai… the good ol’ days). I started wearing glasses in high school. Such a nerd! 😛 After SPM, I was introduced to the world of party and boys, so I decided to wear contact lenses to look cool (of course!). I often buy a prescription contact lenses from the optometry shops, and had never buy them online.



Thanks to Butterfly Project, I get to experience a safe online shopping store for contact lenses from This is my first experience shopping for contact lenses online. Read on if you want to know how to get a special discount on online purchase on contact lenses with MrLens.


Mother’s day celebration with Mary Quant

Hello lovelies, What did you do on Mother’s day? I’m pretty sure some would spend time with their mother, some would buy gifts and many would at least call Mum to wish her well. As for me, I wanted to bring my mum to this cookie baking workshop organised by Mary Quant but she had to work. So, I brought my bestfriend instead, Siti who is now mother-to-be (very soon) to attend a fun cookie baking and makeup workshop by Mary Quant. 20140508-200719.jpg

Read on to learn an easy cookie recipe and discover what I did during the workshop. (more…)

What can you have with RM50 nowadays (Beauty edition)

I was blog hopping the other day and came across Sasha Sekaran blog post titled “What can you do with RM50 these days? “
She suggested a few beauty products from concealer to facial masks under RM50.

I was intrigued with that post and have wondered what can I get (makeup products) worth RM50. Also, there was a tag in YouTube a year or two ago : full face makeup for $20. This has made me oh-so-curious that I decided to hunt for products for full face makeup with only RM50 in hand.