Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System – the more affordable "Clarisonic"

Hi guys, the New Year is near. End of year is the time where there’re lots of partying. Every girl needs to follow the number one rule is skin care: Cleanse face every night before bed. Especially this time of the year, one must remove all trace of make up and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Introducing Olay’s new advanced cleansing system

   I would like to share my review on Olay’s new advanced cleansing system. It is part of Regenerist range. It is a cute battery-operated facial cleansing device  to help deeply cleanses your skin. 
It is also gently exfoliates and primes skin ready to absorbs essences especially anti-ageing essence. 
   To me this device is a much more affordable “Clarisonic”. I’ve always wanted my own Clarisonic as it is one cleansing device raved by so many beauty gurus out there. I couldn’t let my self to get one since it is so expensive. When Olay came out with this little device, my heart leaps. I bought mine at Watsons, it was on sale 20% for VIP card holders and I even used my points to get extra discount. It costed me just below RM100 and it is much affordable compared to Clarisonic. 

The Butterfly Project Tea Party

I attended The Butterfly project Tea Party early this month and it was a blast!

Thank you Butterfly Project for the invites!!

The event was held a Showcase in Plaza Kelana Jaya. It was a cozy event place overlooking Kelana Jaya lake. It easy to get to and there are ample parking space. Great venue for events.

I had so much fun being lady like and enjoying my tea and some delicious food. There were sandwiches, scones, tarts and quiche. No tea party is complete without cupcakes. I had rose cupcake and it was yummy.  The scones are on the drier side but everything else was so delicious. Here are some of the pictures during the event. 

 Look at my tea cup and saucer! So cute right? 

Thanks to Teafani to catering for the event. I just love the fancy tea set. 
I ate so much food despite their petite sizes. 

On arrival, we were given a goodie bag each. Inside is facial wash from Etude House. Aaaargh!! My favourite brand. It does fit the whole english tea party theme. Each of us received a full size Tea facial wash. The goodie bag also included a classic book. I picked The Story of Doctor Doolittle as I never read one before. Other titles includes Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick. Such a classic, right?!
Mamasan Tammy must have dream having sips of tea while reading. Hehe.

I must highlight that the decorations are so cute, sweet, feminine and girly. I love how the table was set up. Joey did a great job. In the middle we have a rainbow cake. Why? It is to celebrate The Butterfly Project website launch. Yaaay! Now The Butterfly Project has a professional looking website. The website is made possible by Server Freak. (I still interact a lot via Butterfly project facebook page though :p)

The Butterfly Project team had a sale for Mamasan’s DIY notebooks. It was only RM20. I had difficulty on choosing one as all of them are so creatively cute. *rambang mata*

We also had a performance by the fabulous fellow butterfly Edazz. I didn’t know she’s a song bird. Such a powerful voice. 
During the event, we also have a Instagram competition and lucky draw. As usual, I don’t have any luck with the lucky draw. My oh my, I won one of the 5 prizes for best instagrammers. It was a set from L’occitane.  I won a Verbena roll on perfume and travel size Shea butter. I’m so happy!
The Butterfly project Tea party would not be completed without a photo booth. It was set up by 1 2 3 Cheese.My. The backdrop is so sweet and fun. The print out is amazing too.


This tea party was a collaboration between The Butterfly Project and Server Freak to organising an English Tea party and at the same time introducing Server Freak’s new package.
Server Freak is now promoting their WordPress Easy Set Up package.

The usual steps involve in setting up WordPress blog:
1) Register Domain name and Update Nameservers
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3) Installing WordPress
4) Search for suitable templates, configure, setup
5) Install plugins & widgets
6) Finally start blogging

Fret not, there is an easier way. Server freak offers WordPress easy set up package which eliminate step 1 till 5. Customers just focus on blogging.

Learn more by visiting their website: www.serverfreak.com

I myself have purchased the WordPress Easy Set Up package from Server Freak. Their services so far are super quick. However, as I am not IT savvy ( really sucks on it) I’m having trouble setting up my new blog. Luckily I’m married to Mr. IT savvy. I’m now ‘hiring’ Mr. Zurairi to help me instead. 

So girls, please look forward for my new blog. I got a new domain and whole new design. 
I will announce on the launch my my new blog: www.pzaqmar.com soon. 

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014! Goodbye 2013….

Welcome 2014! Goodbye 2013~

It is the end if year 2013 and it is time for a little reminiscence and reflecting. I love this time of year as this is the time to start planning and reorganising my life for the new year. New year resolutions are a big part on celebrating every year. although I may not achieve all goals by end of year, but hey, this is life. It is fun to see how myself changed and grow. 

2013 was a good year with many challenges. I’m glad that I managed to through it. 
This week has put me in such a ‘organising’ mood because I finally get my transfer to a new work place. I’ll be working in National Cancer Institute starting January.  New year + new work place = new home (perhaps). Currently I’m living in Rawang and working in Putrajaya. Commuting between two opposite pole of Lembah Klang is pretty tiring. *sigh* Have to think about it further with my family. 

There is one thing I’m pretty set up: My new year resolutions. Although I’m pretty excited with my new direction with regards to career path, I’m determined to work towards achieving my new year beauty resolutions. I’ll be turning 30 in year 2014 and graduating to the big 30 does mean that my skin and beauty regime is going to be dramatically changed. I’m spend a lot of thought on a new strategy on my beauty regime. The goals are mainly small and specific to allow me to be focus and aim to make it a successful 2014 achievements. 

Today I’m going share with you guys my New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2014. 

1) Embrace turning the big 30. 

Yes, I’m going to be happy being older this year.  I’m going embrace turning 30 by taking a better care on my skin. I’m going to use organic, chemical-free, natural beauty products with plant based ingredients.  

Knowing there are lots of harmful chemical mixed with many beauty products that may affect the environment, My aim this year is to use all natural beauty products not just to save myself but the environment too. 

2) Remove makeup by the end of day

Everybody is guilty on this once in a while. I have a terrible habit on keep forgetting to remove my makeup by the end of the day.2013 is the year that I learn the importance of clean skin at night. 

I want to learn to practice a gentle but effective skin care regime. I still have this annoying feeling that this is a forced habit, I’m determined to make this as naturally pleasant habit by year 2014. 

3) Drink a lot of water ( at least 1.5L per day)

60% of our body is made of water. For a healthy skin and bodily function, I’m going to drink at least 1.5L of water per day. As this is a the easiest natural way to help my skin, I aim to make this a habit

4) Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! 

One of my resolutions this year is to try to moisturise my skin i.e my arms and legs every time after shower. Not forgetting my face twice a day. I have oily skin ( face) and I’ve only recently learned that oily skin needs hydration too. This may helps reduce excessive oil/sebum production. 

My aim is to moisturise with natural moisturisers be it for the body or face. Just to make sure that I’ll be using a natural, organic and chemical free. 

5) More colours on makeup

I has always use muted, natural colours for my daily makeup. My resolution for 2014 would be to use more colours in my FOTD. Be it a bright eye shadow, or stunning lip colour, I aim to be more expressive and colourful with makeup. Hopefully, this may give me more happiness and a cheerful year. 

Oh my..Look who we have here—> It’s my lil cute friend, Yadah. 
She loves all things natural especially organic, plant-based skin care. 

This caterpillar is definitely excited to share her new year beauty resolutions with The Butterfly Project and Yadah. Would you please, the Swot team introduce me to Yadah? I haven’t try any of their product before and would love to learn if Yadah which is a organic, botanical, chemical-free, and natural plant based products that I can try to fulfill my new year beauty resolutions. 

Hope to see you soon, Yadah!

Can’t wait for the new year. Heee~~~ 🙂 What are your 2014  beauty resolutions? Share them with me down below in the comments. 

Maskin’ Monday: My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask

Hello! It is ain’t a Monday Blues for me today as it is Christmas this week and I took leave from work for a week. Public holiday is just another reason for me to take some time off. 

Today I’m going to review My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask. My Beauty Diary is a popular Taiwanese brand for sheet masks. I have always love their masks. 
This one contains pearl powder essence which is good for whitening, brightening, nourishing and repairing effect. 


It is a small simple plastic packaging containing one sheet mask. It is easy to rip open the packaging to reveal a folded white sheet mask drenched in essence. 

The sheet mask is white in colour with colourless essence. The essence has a refreshing and floral scent. The sheet mask is not too thick or thin that it is easily break. The essence is light fluid like consistency. 

As I unfolding the sheet mask, essence runs through my fingers showing that It is rasher too fluidy. The sheet mask sits perfectly  do the contour of my face. It doesn’t sting my skin at all. As it dries, I can feel tightening of my skin. My skin feels hydrated and looks brighter after wearing the mask. 

I love the simplicity of this mask. The packaging is small easy to bring with my travel bag. The sheet mask fits perfectly. The essence is watery, absorbs well and has a nice floral fragrance. I love to lie down relaxing while sniffing the refreshing scent of the mask. 
I purchased this mask in a set. Can’t wait to try the other essence in the pack. 

Do you love whitening sheet mask? Tell me which brand is your favourite down in the comment. 
Till then…

Jingle all the way by Too Faced

OMG! OMG! I finally found the perfect iphone casing for me. I’ve been using Cath Kidson’s but it has worn out on me. I’ve been searching everywhere fir the past 1 month but couldn’t find the one. Some of the youtuber like Jen from headtotoe really love this palette. I love watching her nowadays and I believed her. It makes me wanting the Jingle all way pallette even more.

Two weeks ago, I went to Sephora and they aren’t any Too Faced Holiday boxes. But my oh my, it’s available this week. I am so so excited to get this Jingle all the way pallette + iphone casing.

Thank you hubby @zurairi for buying this. (I was going to get it myself but since he’s paying so YAY)
This is a gorgeous pop-out pallette + phone case is part of Too Faced limited edition holiday collections, co-created with Interior designer Mary McDonald. It’s light-weighted with sleek packaging. Thinner than actual iphone. I like that the cover is transparent. You can easily see the colours.  The iphone case is gorgeous too. It is a hard case fit for iphone5 only. 
Jingle all the way comes in two designs: stipey pink and polkadot blue. I only found blue one in Sephora but that’s okay since I don’t really like pink anyway. Look at how gorgeous the gold and white dots on the light blue background. Simple feminine and sophicated. 

There are 11 day-to-night shadows. 9 are many shimmery but highly pigmented, 2 matte base shadows, gorgeous bronzer and candy pink blush. 
The shimmery shadows are super pigmented, non chalky and blends easily. I simply fell in love on 4 shades on first swatch. I love the rose gold, copper, bronze and dark brown shadows. Others are shimmery yellow, pink, purple, turquoise green and midnight blue.
I like that they included two matte neutral shades: beige and white. Good for base or blending. 
Highly pigmented too. 
There is a bronzer with subtle shimmer and bright candy pink blush. You need a light hand on applying the blush. It is buildable too depending on how much intensity you need. 
It gives me cute girly pink blush that still flattering on my tanned skin tone. 
The bronzer gives a subtle bronzy glow on my skin tone. I like it. 🙂
This is the makeup look I’ve created using gorgeous pallette. 

I’m using Rose gold, Bronze and Dark Brown on the eyes. 
The products that I use for entire makeup look are: 

I love Year-end sale and Christmas sale due to the fact that there’re so many cute holiday pallette/box. Which holiday pallette/box do you like? 

Dear Santa Hermo….please grant me my wish!!! ( >_< )

Hello December!!!

Living in multiracial Malaysia, I do fell lucky that we do celebrate many holidays. I particularly always looking forward to the end of year as we, Malaysian celebrate Christmas holiday and the New Year. The end of year is particularly exciting as we also have the massive Year-end sale. 
As I browse online shops looking for an awesome deal, I came across Hermo.com.my. which offers various beauty products from skin care, makeup and beauty tools.

Santa Hermo is currently offering great deals in purchases made online. He is also very generous on giving lucky members free gifts. This campaign starts from 1st December till Christmas day 25th December.

It is FREE to register as a member. With just a few clicks, you’re on your way to awesome shopping deals. While browsing, you either can buy the products immediately or save it under wish list so you can go back to it once you’re  ready to make the purchases. 
Lucky members may have their wish list granted by Santa Hermo. 
So, I wouldn’t want to miss this sweet opportunity by Hermo.com.my.

At Hermo, they offers various range of beauty products. With massive discount and excellent customer service, their products are 100% original too.
Yadah, Holika Holika, Tony Moly and many more are one of Hermo’s Flagship brands among great others.
So, pleeeeaaassseeee Santa Hermo. Please grant my wish.

I’m such a sucker for cute packaging. Coffee and dessert as beauty products? OMG, so cute!!!
(Look at the discount that they offer. $$$ Pretty grand, huh?) 

Visit Hermo.com.my for your own special experience with Santa Hermo.


Like Hermo Facebook page to show your support. 

Which products would your pick from Hermo.com.my this holiday season?