How to throw a Luau Party with Kinohimitsu

Are you thinking of throwing a great party for the end of year?

New year party? A fun Christmas party? December babies Birthday party?
How about a Hawaiian Luau for a theme? You’ll have a great time I can assure you. Why? That’s because I’m blessed to experience Luau party with Kinohimitsu recently. Kinohimitsu just recently launch a new product and they did it in style with a Luau party. It has definitely grabbed my attention. 
Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia too! Thank you for giving this caterpillar a spot.
Here’s how you can plan your Luau party. 
1) Set date and time and plan for food. 
So we have chosen a theme for our party. As usual, we need to set a date and time. 
The Kinoluau party that I’ve been to was a night time. It’s a great opportunity to relax and enjoy after work. No matter when you chose to set up your Luau party. There’s definitely gonna been so much fun. This subsequently brings us to the type of food to be prepared for the party. 
Are we going to serve for dinner or lunch? One thing for sure a BBQ is definitely suits the Luau theme. Includes fresh tropical fruits on the table and you’re got to good. (A cheeky trick to get people to eat healthy even at a party)
During the Kinoluau party, we had BBQ chicken, fish and Satay (a Malaysian favourite). The caterer also served fresh cooling watermelon. Besides that I remembered eating nasi goreng and small portions tid-bits like mini sausages and fish balls. They were delicious. 
2) Pick your venue
Depending on the number of your party guests, Pick a spot with lawn or open space so your Luau guests can enjoy their party comfortably and dance the luau dance on dance floor. Greenery and lots of natural plants and trees as essential to set the mood for a luau. Another altenative is at the beach or at a pool side.  
Kinohimitsu has introduced me to Vila Manja which at Jalan Damai Off Jalan Tun Razak. It is a cozy bungalow with lots of greeneries which is prefect for the luau. It is alsoa very nice Spa. I was treated with a nice Shoulder and back massage during the party. I can feel the muscle knot on my upper back gone and I’m thinking of trying Vila Manja package next time. 
3) Design your invitation
Throwing a super awesome party when to design your own invitation (or to have a professional do it for you). In the era of smart phone and social media, it is easy to get your invitation send across. For a Hawaiian luau, you can use flowers, tiki, coconut with bright colourful fonts to decorate your invitation. 
Just look at the Kinohimitsu luau invitation below. Eye-catching isn’t it? 

4) Decorate your venue with Hawaiian theme.
At the Kinoluau party, the decoration was super amazing. They have a Luau girl hanging around the spa. There’s also a nice Luau banner out in the front gate. There’re Luau girl balloon and lots of bright fun colours every wear. Make sure to have a welcome booth and at the Kinoluau party, I was greeted with my own bright colour leis. Feels like a VIP. 🙂

The main entrance to Villa Manja
Tiki balloon
Spot light

Kinohimitsu decoration

Kinohimitsu has also set up fours little booths for the party-goers. Among them are mini Spin-a-win booth and goodie bag booth. You can steal this brilliant idea to make your party more interactive and interesting. 

There is also a mini bar serving Kinohimitsu best selling beauty drinks. They served them in this cute mini cocktail glasses and it tastes so good. I haven’t tried any of Kinohimitsu beauty drinks and at the party, my heart is sold. 

Spin ‘n’ win booth

Kinoluau beauty bar

Fancy beauty drink coktail

5) Set up photobooth
Partying is another reason for camwhoring. Your guests will enjoy the party more if you have a photobooth set up. I had so much fun posing at Kinoluau party’s photobooth by The provide such beautiful backdrop with lights and a camera man. It was so much fun playing around with the props. Just make sure that the props are mainly Hawaiian theme.

Check out the album for more party goers pictures!

              123 Cheese Kinoluau Album
6) Party games and dance
What is a party without a lot of fun. Pick a party games that a lot of people can participate at a time. This make your party more personal and interactive. More reason for people to mingle around. 
At Kinoluau party, we have two games organised by Kinohimitsu dietitian and there were lots of fun. Being one of the caterpillar in Butterfly Project Malaysia community, I get to know my fellow butterflies as we were assigned to a team. 
What is a Luau without dance? We were entertained with sexy, provocative belly dance and some butterflies even did a luau dance. It was so much fun!

So, that is 6 simple steps on organising your own Luau party based on my experience partying with Kinohimitsu. 
Simple right? I feel that one of the best thing on going to a themed party is the outfit. I’ve made my own Flower crown and bangle. Luckily I found a coconut mini pouch at home. It’s goes well with the whole outfit.
Here’s a OOTD picture of me going to Kinoluau party. 
With all the partying it is important to recharge and rejuvenate your bowel system. Kinohimitsu new product Bio-booster is a perfect supplement for you to get all the nutrients that you need in your daily nutrition. 
Kinohimitsu Bio-booster is a tri-layered microencapsulated probiotic to boost the body’s nutrient absorption power by 2 times. Its proprietary blend and advanced microencapsulation tenchnology enable the host to obtain optimal absorption of nutrients from food and supplements.

It is 100% natural with no preservations, no artificial colouring, no additives and no sugar added. It has a valid local Halal certificate too.
Just take 1 sachet a day before meal and you’ll enjoy the benefits immediately. You can pour directly into mouth or mix it with 100ml of water. How does it taste? It is slightly lychee/peachy sweet.

Last but not least, THE GOODIE BAG! A outrageous Luau party wouldn’t be complete without a goodie bag. It is afterall your token of appreciation to your guests for coming to your party.

Thank you to Kinohimitsu for this awesome goodie bag. I love the recyclable bag which I can use for groceries shopping. Inside the bag I received Kinohimitsu Bio Booster (worth RM159) and a set of Collagen Beauty Drink (worth RM80)
 Here’s a picture of what I’ve got.

Got participation certificate also! Teehee~

Hope you guys find this entry somewhat useful. Do check Kinohimitsu facebook page for more information.
Thank you so much The Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me the opportunity attending a hot Luau party.


Butterfly Project Malaysia

Do check out 123 Cheese for unique photobooth/photography for your party or event.

Although its my first time for Luau party, I loved themed party. What are other themes for party that you guys love?

Etude House Rosy tint lips (lip-tint)

Today I would like to share my love on Etude House Rosy tint lips (lip-tint). I purchased these from Etude House as they’re having Buy 1 Free 1 deal. I’m so glad that I did. The Rosy lip tints has become my favourite lip product from the past month.

I just love the packaging. It is so cute and feminine. It is a soft ergonomic tube with sponge tip. The colour of the packaging reflects the colour of the tint inside. It is easy to hold and you just have to squeeze the tube gentlely to apply the lip tint.

The sponge tip really help blending the product easily. With it I can apply the lip tint or touch up without a mirror and the result looks flawless.

The texture is velvety with opaque pigmentation. It goes on smoothly and I love the fact that you can layer it up for more intensity.

However, the downside is that this lip colour only lasted for 4 to 6 hours. I had to reapply everytime after meal. It does not ‘tint’ the lips remarkably. It is weird considering the product name is a lip tint. I think this is more a lip cream than a tint.

 This lip tint does not have any fragrance to it. I just had to take a sniff. I thought it would be a rose-scented product.

There are three ways on wearing Etude House Rosy lip tint.

1) Delicate Petal lips
 Apply 2 dots on the centre of the lips and blends outward with sponge tips or finger, concentrating the product in the centre of lips. This create a soft gradient as if you just had a cold ice popsicle.

2) Rose in Full bloom lips
Apply 4 dots on upper and lower lips and blends to the edge of lips. Build up the opacity to your preference. I like to use a lip brush for this for a precise application. I just love this full, luscious matte look on my lips.

3) Soft Petal Cheeks
Dispense few dots on the apple of cheeks and dab lightly, blending quickly with pulp of fingers. The warmth of fingers will blend the product smoothly.
Natural blush in few seconds.

Etude House offer 8 shades in this Rosy tint lips range. I have two and I love both of them. Out of the two, my favourite is no.8 K-Pop Rose. This shade makes my lips looks full and sexy.

Etude House Rosy lip tints has easily become my favourite. I use it more than Nyx soft lip cream (which is quite high in my favourite lip products list) nowadays. 
What are your favourite red rosy lip products?

Natta Cosme Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund- Charity drive

It’s end of year and December is a good time to reflect what happened for the past year. Have you achieved your goals? Have your life changed into a better one?  
For me 2013 is a great year. So many sweet memories than bad ones. While thinking about you, yourself and your family & friends, there are unfortunate others that had a particularly bad year this year.
This is particularly true for fellow South East Asian, our neighbours, the Filipinos whom had typhoon hit disaster on the 8th of November 2013.  It was strongest typhoon ever recorded in history with a maximum wind speed at 315km/h blasted Philippines, washing away thousands of valuable lives, half-a-million of the Filipinos’ homes and affecting more than ten million of Filipinos.

I can’t even begin to imagine the tragic scenes as described in the news. The typhoon-hit victims in Philippines need our help. There are many victims and there are some many pitiful survivors. To live without sufficient supply of foods and clean water is no life at all. 

In response to the natural disaster in Philippines, Natta Cosme is now organizing the “Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund” event to collect funds for the typhoon victims. It is also” in conjunction of their charity month this year, December 2013. 
You can opted for donation or buy a selected beauty products from Natta Cosme and they will donate this full amount of the cost of product bought to the charity. It’s like you donated the full price and get the goods for free. In other words, when you purchase products under the “charity” category, you are making a donation to the typhoon victims; and that means you are getting the skin care products under the “charity” category for free through your kind donations!

I like that there are wide range of ‘donations’ as low as only RM3.00. Everyone can contribute!

“In Natta Cosme, we strongly believe that absolute beauty does not stem solely from the external perfect skin, the internal beauty expressed through various kind acts is equally crucial to show your unique gorgeousness as well. Natta Cosme has been committing to the meaningful line; life gives to the giver and takes from the taker. The less valuable things you are having may mean the world to others; by contributing to others tiny things you have, you will be rewarded in some other ways.”
Natta Cosme also offering Natta Cosme Chinese New Year angpau pockets for FREE for customer who make purchase/donate in this charity drive. All of the donations collected by Natta Cosme will be transferred to FoGuang Shan Malaysia in February 2014 to be sent to Phillipines. 
Visit Natta Cosme to join in their “Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund”
I’ve donated and there’s no greater satisfaction than doing good. Have you? 

Maybelline Baby lips- Dr.Rescue

Lip balm is my MUST HAVE product. I’ll die if I can’t find any lip balm within easy reach. Hence the reasons why I have so many of them lying around the house, inside most of handbags and even in my car’s glove box. You will high likely find Maybelline’s Baby Lips among all my lip balms collection. 

I finally grabbed the Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue! Yay!! Sometimes I do think I just want a plain ol lip balm with no tint or shimmer. I have been in love with The BodyShop Vitamin E lip balm and have repurchase it more than 5 times but I think I’ve found a better, cheaper alternative. 
Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue comes in 2 flavours: Icy Mint and Fresh Mint. 
On the packaging, they described it as the Repair Balm with SPF 30. 

“The next generation of lip balm is born. Adult Strength care for baby soft lips.”
1) Deep repairing care 
infused with camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil to soothe, moisture and heal chapped lips

2) 12 HR Moisture for anti-cracks and anti-chaps
Hydra Repair technology instantly wraps the lips with moisture and protection that last for all day

Directions: Turn base 1-2 times for usage. Reapply when lips exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection
The packaging is basic and same as normal stick form of lip balm. ICY MINT is in baby blue and FRESH MINT is in pastel soft green. 

I bought these from Watson and it costed RM10.90 each.  I bet you can easily find it all drug stores- Watson, Guardian or Caring pharmacy. 

Compared to each other, the formula is the same. However, Icy mint does have stronger smell and strong minty taste. (the scent is similar to ‘Minyak Cap Kapak’ or ‘Vicks’)  -_-”’

Maybelline Baby Lips-Dr. Rescue works really well just like my other Baby Lips lip balm with the added bonus of the minty scent/flavours really makes you feel that you’re doing more than hydrating your lips. You’re treating your lips with this super portable, cute and cheap lip balm. 

I’m so happy that I have my hands on these two. I think Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue is so versatile, men can use it too. I gave it one of them to my husband as he has super chapped lips, and he loves it. No scent nor tint and packaging is unisex-ish. The only downside is it’s name. I don’t think any men would fancy imagining their lips turning into baby-like. (heck, I personally think the word ‘baby’ threw him off)

Do you like Maybelline Baby Lips too? Comment below and tell me your favourite?

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LUXOLA haul: Sleek, Maybelline, Zoeva

Are you familiar with
It is an online beauty shopping store based in Singapore. It offers quite a variety known brands for makeup, skin care and beauty products. 
My experience shopping online with Luxola has always been great. The selection of products featured are of mix of high end and low end with prices catered to all girls. They offers a great mix of expensive and cheaper alternative.
It is super easy to navigate their online boutique and they deliver your purchase super fast.  
They were having a 30% sale for Halloween and I just had to go for it. It’s been a few month I did an online shopping and there are a few products from Luxola I’ve been itching to try.
Here’s an entry on my recent haul.  
I love how Luxola carefully package all the products in bubble wraps and all products safely arrived without any scratch or breakage. 
My purchase are mainly makeup products and this is they’re totally a bargain. 
1. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser RM39.90
2. Zoeva bamboo brush RM100
3. Zoeva cream eye liner in Water Lilies RM25
4. Sleek i-divine ultra matte V1 and V2 palette RM 81.50

Zoeva bamboo brush set

My first try on Zoeva products. Each brushes is nicely packaged in plastic. Bristles are super soft. I love it!

Sleek i-Divine Ultra mattes – V1 Brights palette.

This is my fourth Sleek palletes that I bought from Luxola. Look at these bright eyeshadow colours. I did a lil swatch, super pigmented but some a little chalky. Can’t wait to play with these.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra mattes – V2 Darks palette.
I love the matte eyeshadows in  my Sleek au-Naturel palette. I thought I would love this palette too and I was right. So far, during the swatches, I really like Maple, Flesh and Paper Bag. Orbit and Fern are those shades that I never try before. Looks good on my skin tone so far.

Zoeva cream eye liner in Water Lilies

It looks super pigmented and creamy enough to apply. I’ve use this once lining my bottom lash line and it lasted whole day. Luv!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

If there’s one thing that I really want to try is this. I’ve read positive reviews from blogs and beauty guru in Youtube. As it is cheaper than the famous Benefit Porefessional, this is one product from Maybelline that I just have to buy from Luxola, since it is not available in Malaysia.
The texture is gel, blended easily into the skin with smooth finish.


And lastly, Luxola is sweet to give me a sample on Brad Ultra Elastin sculpting firming cream complex. I never heard or try this brand before. I think I’ll give it to my mum instead.
That’s the end of my Luxola haul. They’s having massive sale by this end of year especially for Christmas.
Today, on this day I posted this blog entry, Luxola is having a Midnight Madness where they have up to 35% OFF.
                           Click for your own GREAT shopping experience



Luau? Party? Count me in!!!

After a long day at work, I will treat myself with Detox drink or tea before I go to sleep. This is a refreshing way to relax and let your body heal. I will also treat my body and soul with some spa treatment let it be wearing a facial mask or even DIY manipedi.  

I’ve trying out Kinohimitsu D’Tox Peppermint Tea on nights that I need a bit of cheering up so I can start the next day feeling fresher and healthier. I must say that this tea really soothes you down and it’s good for the bowel movement too.

Being social is also part of rejuvenating your mind and soul especially after a long week of work/study. What more refreshing and fun to do that by going to a Luau party!

The Butterfly Project Malaysia is partnering with Kinohimitsu, an awesome beauty drink brand by organising a Luau party for 50 bloggers from the community. Do I want to be part of it? YES! Pleaseee….

Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu?

I want to join in with the hula dance, receiving the goodie bag,  spinning the lucky draw wheel, making some new friends and not think of work. I have never been to Hawaii and to think that I can experience a Malaysian Luau Party really excites me.  I’m also anxious to know what NEW product is Kinohimitsu going to launch. I already planned on the makeup look and OOTD (which screams Hawaii) that I’m going to where the party. This is my first entry for an event by The Butterfly Project Malaysia, and I’m definitely excited to be one of the party-goers.

So, Pick me! Pretty pleaseee~~~
 Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for organising the event with of course,  Kinohimitsu.

Do visit their Facebook page for more information and updates as mentioned below:

Kinohimitsu Facebook page

Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook page

Click below to find out more: