Freshel skin care by Kanebo

I has been asked about this skin care since I posted a instagram picture for #30daysmalaysianbeautychallenge a while ago. So, I thought of giving my review on Freshel skin care which pretty new in Malaysia. 

I’ve been using Freshel products for almost 3-4 months, so my review would based on this short time frame. I bought them from Watson, but you may find them in Aeon or Parkson beauty section. 

Time-saving Skincare: For busy people who want to stay beautiful. 

That tag line that drawn me is the first place. Due to my real job, as a doctor, I do have long working hours and sometimes on-call (which meant that I’ll work for more than 24 hours straight). I get up at 5.30am and has been be off to work by 6am to beat traffic and start my work at 7.30am. I do live 1 hour away from hospital (Rawang – Putrajaya), morning usually pretty tight for me. 

When I was a junior doctor, my skin was horrendous, I suffered from severe adult acne. My working hours was even longer, the stress was high and I don’t even take care of my skin properly. My skin was dull, not hydrated and zits scarring was really terrible. I do still suffer from adult acne, but it is much better now. 

No matter what your skin type is, it is important to have a skin care ritual,  at least Wash-> Tone-> Moisturise. My skin needed more tender, loving care. But lack of time was an issue. I don’t have a full hour or so for skin care. Heck, sometimes I don’t have time to shower in the mornings. 

Freshel give me an option, a brilliantly good option to still take care of my skin while rushing to go doing things that I love i.e being a doctor. 

A high quality skin care series that offers multifactorial items containing carefully-selected ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and technologies to quickly and surely provide ingredients developed based on years if cosmetic research by skin specialists

It is owned by Kanebo, a well- known cosmetic brand in Japan. It is a multi-functional all-in-one skincare specially developed for busy people who want to stay beautiful. Its regime is also simple and its products are suitable to young or matured skin, men or women. 

Freshel skincare range includes their award winning Mineral BB cream, All-in-one Gel, Cleansing range and Lotions. I’m using only their cleansing foam and All-in-one Gel, so my review would be only on these products. 

A little bit on their Mineral BB cream. There are 4 types : pore cover, UV, moist and EX (extra). all is a 5 in 1 BB cream : essence + emulsion + cream + sunscreen + tinted makeup base.  They are available in 2 shades, NB Natural Beige and MB Medium Beige. Each retails for RM 59 each except EX is RM 67. 
They also included a Freshel BB Mineral Powder for BB cream finisher and light covering powder  available in only 1 shade, which retails for RM 59. 

Freshel also offer lotions for a targeted skin woes: Whitening lotion, Moisture lotion and Ex (extra) Moisture lotion. It retails around RM 52 to RM 59. 

Freshel Clear Soap


In the cleansing range, they have Freshel cleansing lotion, cleansing cream, pack & massage foam and  clear soap. I have been using Freshel clear soap for a few weeks now. It is a 2-in-1 face wash and pack. It removes impurities well and I been using it with my Etude house face brush. The thick cream easily turn into soft foam with little water. It contains Morroccan Ghassoul clay which helps remove dirt and blackheads from pores. It’s fragrance free and contains no artificial colouring. 

Ghassoul clay
I only use a pea-size for face wash and triple the amount for clay mask. As a mask, I apply the products thoroughly concentrating to my T-zone, Jaw line and nose and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After washing with water, my skin feels clean and fresh. I also like that my skin feels hydrated and not tight. 

Thick consistency of face wash

Freshel Clear Soap as pack

Soft cotton-feel foam perfect when in use with face brush

After washing my face, I would then apply Freshel All-in-one gel and then apply makeup. It is a one-step skin care that penetrates into the skin smoothly and hydrates the skin all day. This whitening gel controls melanin generation and prevents spots and freckles. The Freshel All-in-one gel is a 5-in-1 product: essence + emulsion + lotion + cream + moisturising makeup base. 

Freshel Whitening UV Gel

“A cosmoceutical and whitening perfect gel that hydrates skin and makes it translucent”

There are 4 types:
Freshel Whitening All-in-one Gel

I’m using the first one. Retail price is RM 67 but I bought it for a discount in Watson.
My Freshel whitening UV all-in-one gel has whitening essence and sun block with SPF 26 PA++. I love this as the thick gel turns into this watery cream that absorbs into the skin well after a few seconds. My skin doesn’t felt sticky or oily at all. My skin is smooth,feel super hydrated and soft. It provides a smooth, hydrated canvas for my base make up. I noticed that my base make up doesn’t set into fine lines and my skin stayed well moisturised. 

Thick creamy gel
Although there is sun block, this product doesn’t have any funky sun-blocky smell and my skin is not oily unlike if I’m wearing conventional sun block. My does not burn as easily and as for the whitening effect, I didn’t see much of a difference. However, this is a good moisturiser + sun block + face cream.  

Before: Dry, Taut skin
After: Soft, smooth, moisturised skin. Look at the glow.
(picture is not retouch)
This is one of my best beauty find this year and I love it. I can’t wait to try their BB cream next. I would definitely recommend Freshel skincare range to my sisters and friends especially with super busy lifestyle. 

You can check their Facebook page or official website for more information

                               Freshel Malaysia facebook page

                              FRESHEL MALAYSIA WEBSITE

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Maskin’ Monday: Sephora Natural Therapy Mask (Green Tea)

Hello lovelies, 
Today I’m going to review the NEW Sephora Natural Therapy Masks which just released this month, October 2013. Sephora Malaysia is the first retailer to launch them in South East Asia. 
Quoting from their facebook page, the Sephora Natural Therapy Masks have a range of 10 delicious and therapeutics flavours, made with unique natural active ingredients to complement your mood and combat daily skin concerns.
Having the white card membership, I received an email to pick up a free mask exclusive from Sephora. I was so excited as I’m a mask junkie, to receive one for FREE is like eating the icing on the cake. 
These are the first Sephora sheet masks. 
I had to tell the Sephora girls which top 3 flavours that I most interested on. It was Rose, Pearl and Green Tea. I received 1 sheet of Sephora Natural Therapy Green Tea mask. 

On the packaging, Green Tea mask is made of natural green tea leaf extract made in Spain whichexcellent  for mattifying & anti-blemish properties. 
Moving on to the review…

The packaging is eye-catching bright coloured discs. There are circular outer paper packaging with ingredient list and contains semi circle plastic packaging which contains the actual mask. One mask contains 25g / 0.88 oz of essence. 
It is easy to peel of the edge of packaging seal. Inside there’s a folded mask into a quarter. 

It take me a few minutes to unfold the mask as its pretty stuck together when folded. There is a dented ‘S’ design on the fabric, which intrigue me a little. To me, the mask doesn’t fit me at all. It is too wide that the horizontal edges cover both of my ear but not fully. I do feel like I have extra ears flapping over the side of the face and I don’t really like this. Otherwise, the hole for the eyes, nose and mouth fits nicely. 

Textured mask fabric

The essence is transparent in colour and has a this weird green tea smell.
The consistency of the essence is thin with light viscosity.
There is immediate fresh, cooling feelings when you first put it on. After 30 mins the mask is still fresh and not dried out at all. After removing the mask my skin felt soft, hydrated and fresh. I then rubbed the essence into my skin in circular motions and essence absorbed well 
This rainbow- coloured masks have great packaging however I’m disappointed that the mask doesn’t fits well. Who would want an ‘elephant ears’ flapping on the side of one face.  It is a well moisturising scented mask. My skin does feels hydrated after application. However, I don’t feel that Sephora would give me THE luxurious feel of wearing facial mask if compared to asian-brand sheet masks. 
The Sephora Natural Therapy Masks is priced at RM10 for single sheet and RM40 for 5 piece pack. 
They’re available at your nearest Sephora boutique. 
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Aidiladha makeup look

This is a quick post on the makeup look i wore today for Raya Aidiladha. 

I went back to my father place in Ketereh, Kelantan and already planned to wear a canary yellow baju kurung. 
Today’s makeup look was only decided after shower. Since the weather forecast predicted it would be a sunny morning and raining in the afternoon, I decided to go for a light base, shimmery eye makeup with bold-ish lips since I’m obsessed with Maybelline color sensational lipstick in their bold matte range nowadays.


I applied Revlon absolute radiance CC cream in 030 Natural Beige. It has light to medium coverage and has SPF 30 PA++. Really great since I was definitely going out in the sun. 
I concealed my dark circle and blemishes with Revlon Photoready concealer in 005 Medium deep and blended well. 

After spritzing Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray, I powdered my face with Loreal true match super-blendable powder in W4 Natural Beige.


I always apply eye primer first. After filling in my eyebrows, I used Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in Original. Then, I swept Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze all over the eyelids as base. I brought Urban Decay Naked basics palette in my travel makeup bag, so I patted Foxy to outer half of my lid. Then applied Faint to the creases and outer V even so slightly to give some contouring to the eyes.

Next, I applied a shimmery yellow colour from my Sleek Original palette to the inner corner of eyes, extending slightly to inner 3rd of my lower eye lids.

I used Silky girl Perfect stay 20hr eyeliner in 01 Blackest black to tight-line my eyes and also drew a thin line to the upper eye lid. I smudged the eyeliner to create soft tiny wings using a small dense brush.

Next was to curl my eyelashes and coat Avon Supershock Max mascara in Black generously to both upper and lower lashes.


To warm up my skin, I used Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. I swept the pink blush to the apple of my cheeks and contoured my face using the bronzer. I applied the soft pink shimmery highlight even so slightly above my cheek bone and below my brow bone. 
I didn’t highlight my nose and chin to give my face a semi matte finish. After all the CC cream does have light coverage. I wouldn’t want to be super shiny by the end of day, since I would be sweating heaps from going to the graveyard and visiting family members for rumah terbuka.


After exfoliating with tooth brush, I applied Maybelline baby lips lip balm and then dabbed Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick Bold Matte range in MAT2 Sugar Pink. 
All done. Here’s a selfie on my instagram. 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. I didn’t do any formal ‘Berkorban’ this year. But it is sure fun to be back in Kelantan to visit my father and his family. 

Maskin’ Monday: Sasatinnie Paraffin Foot Mask

Hello…Hi..Excuse my hiatus, but i’m back!

Let’s just start with my Maskin’ Monday review. As you all know i love sheet masks.
This time i would like to share my experience wearing foot sheet mask.

I bought this at Sasa. They were having a sale of 2 masks for the price of one. I picked up the Sasatinnie Paraffin foot mask along with the hand mask in the same line.
However, I have not tried the hand mask yet.

This mask contains one pair of foot mask and contains  15g / 0.53 fl oz of essence.

On the packaging it was written
“Moisture boost Paraffin foot mask. Your feet needs to drink water too”

-_-”’ I know… I know… My feet would have any ‘mouth’ or ‘hole’ to drink water. I take it as a cheesy tag line instead.

Moving on…


The packaging is a simple aluminium packet with pink colour design. It is rather sturdy and hard to tear up the aluminum foil. Inside there is a pair of half plastic half sheet boot shape mask drenched in essence.
My first impression is “Hmmm…this is not too bad”. It is quite easy for me to unfold the sheet mask. The essence is inside the folded boot mask. There’s double layer of plastic where the is a thicker plastic outside which is dry.

I have a size 6 feet. The ‘boot’ feet mask is quite large considering they wanted to accomodate larger sized feet. I wore the mask like I put on real boots. I can easily insert my foot into each mask easily.  The length of the mask is up to 4cm above my ankle. So, yeah pretty huge. 
The essence is fluidy, clear in colour and has no fragrance. I was expecting a thicker consistency since this mask is for thick-skinned feet. However, the viscosity is pretty light, More suitable for face mask. 
In the instruction, we supposed to wear the mask for 20 mins., so I did.  It felt cooling while wearing the mask. I didn’t step on the mask, I just lie down on my bed as I’m afraid that the mask might fell off my feet. Within the 20min the mask is not drying at all. After removing the mask my feet felt hydrated and no sticky feeling at all. I rubbed the essence up to my calf after I removed the mask. Both of my feet felt rejuvenated. Sadly not for long. After 10-15mins or so, my feet felt dry but the cooling sensation stayed on for a long time. 
This is my first time wearing foot mask. The mask is cooling but it didn’t give me the “oh, my feet just drink a fountain of water kind-a-feeling’. It is slightly hydrating but boy, my feet do feel cool and refreshed. I did apply a foot cream (my favourite is Ellgy) afterwards as I feel that my feet needs more pampering after wearing the mask. 
This is a cheap mask however I think I wouldn’t repurchase it next time.

Now I have a mixed (more negative) feeling on the paraffin hand mask. Eeeek!
Comment below if you want to read my review on the hand mask.

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Personalised Vanity Trove ?edition

I have been to subscribing to only 1 beauty box i.e. Vanity Trove Malaysia. There are a whole lot of beauty box out there. However, I only able to comment on this one.

Vanity Trove started in Singapore then they branched out to other Southeast Asia country. I believed Vanity Trove Malaysia only started since February 2013. 
My first trove was In March and being a newbie, its was pretty exciting and thrilling to get a surprise box every month. The next troves have their hits and misses, but I’ve decided to continue my subscription just for fun. 
In July, it was announced that Vanity Trove is now offering a more personalised trive where you can pick and choose the sample products in the trove. 
There’s goes the surprise element of the beauty box but I decided to give it a try. Using my acclumulated Vanity Tab point, I selected a few products for personalised trove. Most of them, I’ve already received in previous but I love to have them again.
Keep scrolling down if you’re curious about the products that I chose in my July Trove.
As usual, the box is strudy with VT logo.
I get to choose 7 products as my subscription is Gold membership.
I’m really happy with my choice however I secretly wish for a new, never featured products or sampler instead.
This is my trove!
I received this before. Clarins White plus whitening essence.
I’ve 5 samplers in this grande box.
I also chose Loreal professional Liss Ultime shampoo and hair mask in this generous travel sized container.
I tried this in previous trove and really loving this water based Bifesta eyemakeup remover. Perfect travel makeup bag companion. 
These are new for me. Yay! There are the Di Palomo Tuscan Rose range of body wash, body lotion and hand&nail cream. I’m in love of the soft rosy frangranced lotions. I tried thand hand cream and it works well and absorbed quickly without sticky feeling. Being travel sized are so awesome too. Not to huge that I unable use to them up, and not too pint-sized size to be able yo enjoy the product and tell a difference that they made.
Vanity Trove is a monthly subscription box of beauty products.
Get your own personalised trove

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Boobies talk

I came across this diagram while in The Gardens, Midvalley Megamall and thought this is so cool.

There are many different breast shapes but one thing for sure, every girl needs to wear a perfect fit of bra.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra may lead to multiple medical illness such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, heat rash and fungal infection. Some research studies have even prove a link between ill-fitting bra to breast cancer. 

So, which type are yours?

Love your body. Love your bossom.