All about ‘URAT’

If there a word that I can get confuse easily in the medical world, it would be ‘Urat’.
This four letter word is often use by Malays esp makcik2, pakcik2 kampung. But educated Dato’2, Datin2, would also use this word to a doctor.

As a medical practioner, it’s very difficult for me to come to a diagnosis when a patient says “saya sakit urat”.
There’s so many anatomical phrases that one can use, but the most patients esp elderly like to point to a spot in their body and says “saya sakit urat”.

Urat can represent so many things, for example

Urat: muscle
Urat darah: veins or arteries
Urat saraf: nerves
Urat keting: ligament or tendon
Sakit urat: muscleache
Sakit urat kepala: headache
Hence, it is quite frustrating for me to explain certain diagnoses or what injection I’ve just given to a patient. It’s even more difficult when I want to take blood from a patient.
“Saya ambil darah sikit ya, pakcik.”
“Ambil dari mana,doktor?”
“Ambil dari urat.” (note: vein)
“Tak ke nanti saya sakit urat?” (note: nerve) he continues “Pakcik memang dah sakit urat” (note: muscle)

Due to its ambigous nature of the meaning of the word ‘urat’. There’s lots of products especially alternative medicine to ‘help’ or even cure “sakit urat’
For example:


To make it simply:
 “Saya sakit ape doktor?”
                            “Sakit urat, pakcik. Nah ubat.”

Note: Urat is not equal to Aurat
         Aurat simple mean part of body need to be covered.
         ***not sure anyone would be confuse on that :p

p.s: My favourite would be Sup Urat Keting. I’m sure it wouldn’t taste that good if it’s named “Ligament soup”

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A fresh start on a new beginnings

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, 1952

This blog has underwent major changes. I remembered back in 2002 when blogging is the ‘It” thing. I was 18 back then, all my friends have one too. The blog ended up like a life diary dictating what’s going on in my life.
Then, Med school happens!
I’ve always been the Nerd, the Studious. I just love Medicine. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor since I was 9. Biology is my favourite subject at school. Always fascinated by human’s physiology and diseases.

10 years has passed, I’m now a fully pledged doctor, married and a workaholic. Like the many doctors in the world whom had swore to help the needy and the sick.

I knew that I need to balance my life and this blog is my cave, my home away from home. I love being a girl playing with make up, a woman searching for inner beauty. As both beauty and health are very much intertwined, (How would you be beautiful when you’re not healthy?) I’m sharing my views, opinions, humble critics in this blog.

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