My new Japanese makeup obsession – Kiss Me, Heroine Make, Bifesta

It has been few weeks since I last blogged, I do miss it. June was the month I started to go back to work in the hospital and being a full-time working mum is tough. Everything seemed to take twice as long i.e getting ready to work etc. My milk supply was depleting especially since it was fasting month and I was pretty dehydrated. Clinic was super busy, I didn’t even have time to pump. :-‘( Then came Raya and life became so busy and exhausting for me.

I just have to tell myself ‘Do the best thing for your family regardless of what everybody else is saying’. Enough ranting already.

So thank you readers for still sticking to this blog now & then. Cosmephilia is my ‘baby’ too. I’ll try my best to keep updating it.

This time I’m sharing a few Japanese makeup products from Kiss Me x Heroine Make x Bifesta workshop that I attended in April (I think). I have a special heart for Japanese makeup and I was so happy to be able to attend it. Below I’m sharing a few makeup products that are worth checking out.


Review: New reformulated LipIce Sheer Color

Selamat Hari Raya everyone… A huge busy life typhoon has hit me and I was overwhelmed. Sorry for not updating the blog for few weeks >_<”’ I don’t even have time to take care of my skin. My lips are dry and chapped. To help with that, I am going old skool using my highschool fav lip balm: LipIce Sheer Color.


Korean Spicy Fire Noodle Challenge

For those who didn’t know, I do have a Youtube channel and sometimes I like doing fun tag/challenge videos.

This time I’m sharing my pain by being in the line of fire with my sisters, Iffah and Athirah. (Thank you for the sisterly love!!!) We are doing the Korean Spicy Fire Noodle Challenge.


First Impression: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Sexy Red

With so much hype with peel-off makeup products especially from Korea is making my inner beauty-zilla oh so curious.

I walked into Guardian pharmacy to find baby’s bottom cream (yep, a butt cream) and I saw Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack near the checkout counter. I ‘casually’ add it into my basket without even look at the price tag. My curiosity overwhelmed my basic financial instinct.


Review: BARE Body Lotion

El Niño .. La Niña.. Super hot and humid one day, and thunderstorm and hail the next day. All this unexpected weather changes is making my skin dry and flaky and imbalanced.

Here I reveal my new favourite skin lotion with Bare Body Lotion.