It is still long weekend for me. Happy Chinese New Year and Selamat Hari Wilayah. I am so happy that I have achieved so much in this four days. I went hiking, did some some training, spend a lil family time (both side), did some laundry, attended schoolmate’s wedding, went shoppong and did a few locums.

A sneaky reward for myself would be pampering myself with mask. I’m noticing my eyes are puffy (probably from eating too much salty food) and lack of proper rest since I’ve been running around whole long weekend. There are a few great ways to help with that: Apply ice cubes, apply cucumber, keep up with fluid intake etc. The easy way is to apply eye masks.

Simply Bye Eye Bag Hydro Gel Eye Masks


I found this mask in Watsons and what really attracted me is the bright coloured with cute Panda packaging. The mouth-full name is intriguing as well.
It is from Taiwan. There is 2 pairs of eye masks in each pack. There are two types of eye masks from Simply. I bought the green one.