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Cosmephilia Launch Part 3: Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hello lovelies,

I am so excited in sharing my new blog design and name: Cosmephilia. To know about it, do read my previous posts:

Cosmephilia Launch Part 1: New Name, New Design

Cosmephilia Launch Part 2: The Artist Behind The Design


Thank you Yu Jing again for the amazing doodle for the design. (Here is how to find her)

And the winner for my Cosmephilia Launch Giveaway who gets to bring back the delicious beauty hamper (which includes Shady Lady eyeshadow palette from The Balm worth RM120) is….


Cosmephilia Launch Part 2: The Artist Behind The Design

Hye lovelies…

Thank you so much for those who has entered my Cosmephilia launch giveaway. If you haven’t, do click the link below to enter the giveaway. It is pretty easy, just follow and complete all the instruction in the rafflecopter and you will get a chance to win a beauty hamper from me.

Cosmephilia Launch Giveaway


This is an exciting time for me as I have been longing for a new design for my blog. I felt in love with the design even when I first saw the rough sketches. In this post i would like to introduce to you the artist, the doodette that is behind the amazing design for my new blog banner: Yu Jing


Cosmephilia Launch Part 1: New Name, New Design and A Giveaway

Hello lovelies…

I am so excited to show you my new blog design and name: Cosmephilia!!! Hooray~~

I have been slowly introducing the name Cosmephilia in my blog. Some of you might have notice it for a while. Let me tell you the story in a Q&A form. (to make it fun)


Who is Gadis Manis Malaysia? *giveaway closed*

Hello lovelies…

I have been blessed to get an opportunity to spend an afternoon with Gadis Manis Malaysia. Who is she? No, she is not the typical little girl-next-door.


Introducing Ah Chik, Gowry and Yati. They are Gadis Manis friends.
Each girl represent the essence that lovely, sweet and fun Malaysian girl.

The three girls captured in Royal Selangor Pewter Plates

These three cute characters are the inspiration and essence of Gadis Manis Malaysia, a brand of exclusive gifts and souvenirs with a unique take on Malaysia’s cultured diversity.

Established in 2008 by Florence Lambert Lee, a French who has called Malaysia her home for the past 20 years. She is also the lovely designer whom inspired by Malaysia’s rich cultural diversity and heritage. It started with the design of three ladies: Achik, Gowry and Yati. And the rest is history.