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Tutorial: Makeup for Glasses Wearer (Drugstore products)

Hello dearies…

I have recently done a video collaboration with Fayre Network. It is a new platform for Malaysian Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. For our first collaboration, we are doing makeup tutorial using ONLY drugstore products for different looks. I, myself is doing makeup tutorial for glasses wearer “The Tech Nerd”. I have included other tutorials from my friend from Fayre Network below. So any girls out there can rock any makeup look using affordable drugstore products. Do check them out below.


Review: I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Go!

Hello lovelies,

I am here to share a new palette that I am so happy to have in my collection: I Heart Makeup – Go! Palette Go! by Makeup Revolution.

For those who is unfamiliar, MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a brand from London that reached our shore around the end of last year (2014). It has a full range of makeup products that are so affordable and accessible for all. Basically Makeup Revolution has something for everyone at a fraction of the price.