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Daily Brow Routine (using brow powder & tinted brow gel) 

Hello lovelies,

As some of you may noticed, I am so excited to announce that I now write in Bahasa Malaysia on beauty and health topics (that I LOVE).  You guys can read my bahasa articles in Projek MMO, which is the hip Bahasa Malaysia sister publication of Malay Mail Online.

Here are some of the articles already published.

Sempena kempen ‘Pink October,’ hiasi diri anda dengan merah jambu

Urban Decay lancar cawangan pertama Malaysia di Suria KLCC

Do check them out and give me some feedback on my writing. I really appreciate all of your support and for that you have my love ❤️❤️❤️.

As for today, I have been requested to do a brow routine. This is what I do every morning as I feel that well groomed brows does frame your face and for me it looks so much better overall. My brows are short and sparse too so by filling them in, my eyes look lifted and brighter.

Read the 5 easy steps down below.


Tutorial: Makeup for Glasses Wearer (Drugstore products)

Hello dearies…

I have recently done a video collaboration with Fayre Network. It is a new platform for Malaysian Beauty/Fashion Youtuber. For our first collaboration, we are doing makeup tutorial using ONLY drugstore products for different looks. I, myself is doing makeup tutorial for glasses wearer “The Tech Nerd”. I have included other tutorials from my friend from Fayre Network below. So any girls out there can rock any makeup look using affordable drugstore products. Do check them out below.